Download file now send RFU upgrade on USB Dev port error (16108 Views)
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Download file now send RFU upgrade on USB Dev port error


Whenever the HP 3035 MFP (Network Printer)powering on I am recieving error "Download file now send RFU upgrade on USB Dev port".

Please let me know the resolution for the same.

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Re: Download file now send RFU upgrade on USB Dev port error

First thing - do you have access to the USB port on the printer? If so then the readme file that comes with the firmware download should have the instructions on how to send it over to the printer from the computer via USB.

If you don't have an external or accessible USB port on the printer, then depending on the type of firmware chip/dimm/rom or flash card you may need to replace that or have the printer serviced to replace the whole formatter. You'll probably want to call a tech.
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Re: Download file now send RFU upgrade on USB Dev port error

I had to chat with technical support because the Readme file didn't quite have the fix.

If you were like me and had the printer shared on the network and you couldn't update over the network because the network port was disabled waiting for the firmware upgrade ... these instructions are for you. See attached.

In a nutshell ... connect the printer to a computer via USB port. It should pop up the installation wizard. When it comes up install the PCL6 driver from the CD. After it is created then 'share' the printer. The install per the instructions to that new printer share.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Download file now send RFU upgrade on USB Dev port error

If you get a  Download RFU file now after try to upgrade the firmware, or a  49.XX.XX error when the printer boots
up, then you will need to upgrade the firmware, in order to take care of this issue. The only way to upgrade the
firmware at this time is through the USB connection, but to do this we must have selected an  USB00x virtual printer
port for USB connections (the one windows will create by default when you installed the printer through the add
printer wizard) instead of the  DOT4 port for regular printing.
Step 2
Verify in the printer properties under ports if the  USB00x virtual printer port for USB connections port shows listed
and select this port, then apply changes and continue with the normal firmware upgrade process for USB; if it is not
listed you can create one with the following information go to  Step 3Â
Step 3
To create this USB00x port just disconnect and reconnect the USB cable from the computer, and then you will see
the  Welcome to the found new hardware wizard ; select  Install the software automatically and follow the wizard(do
this installation without the installation disk).Once the wizard finish we could get two scenarios, on the first scenario the printer can be installed successfully, on
the other scenario is going to show a  Cannot install this Hardware , but what we are really looking for is to get the
 USB virtual printer port created, so even when you get this installation error go to the printer properties and under
ports verify if a  USB00x port is listed, if it is, select this USB port and start the firmware upgrade process otherwise
go to  Step 4 .
The printer will display upgrade percentage performed, once the upgrade is finished the printer is going to reboot to a
ready stage and then you must go to back to printers and faxes window, properties, port tab and switch to the  DOT4Â
port for regular printing.
Step 4
If you are not able to create the USB00x port through the add printer wizard or you don t get the  Welcome to the
found new hardware wizard then try uninstalling the printer with the HP uninstaller feature, running scrubber, go to
the device manager and with the USB cable attached search for any printer or related hardware detected and
uninstall it and then go to  Step 3

To send the firmware upgrade via USB, you will need to know the name of the computer the printer is connected to,
and the printer will need to be shared.
To find out the name of your computer:
1. Click the Start button, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, then choose System Information.
2. You will find your computer s name in the right window-pane next to System Name.
3. Write down this name as it will be needed later.
To share the connected printer:
1. Click the Start button, Settings , then choose Printers ( Printers and Faxes on WinXP).
2. Right click on the printer you need to send the upgrade to and then choose Sharing.
On WinXP, if you encounter the following link  If you understand the security risks but want to share
printers without running the wizard, click here. , click the link.
Select  Just enable printer sharing and click OK .
3. Select Shared As: ( Share this printer on WinXP) and type a name for the share.
4. Click Apply and write down the share name as it will be needed later.
To send the firmware upgrade using a USB connection:
1. Go to a DOS Command Prompt and locate the directory where you saved the firmware file. (To open a
Command Prompt inWindows 2000 or XP, go to the Start button, then choose run, then type CMD and hit
Enter, in Windows 98 or ME, go to the Start button, Programs, Accessories, then choose MSDOS Prompt).
If connected to a USB port, Type: copy /b filename \\computer name\share name (for example, copy /b
ozfw.rfu \\computer1\printer).
Press ENTER .
4. The control panel displays receiving upgrade followed by performing upgrade . The download may take
several minutes.
5. The control panel displays processing job .
6. The download is complete when the printer reboots and "READY" message is displayed on the control panel.

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