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49.4C01 Service Error

I have a new HP LaserJet 4100mfp. I have not printed anything with it yet as I am getting the following error on startup:
49.4C01 Service Error.

Little Help? I can't find it on the knowledge base.

Thanks in advance
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Re: 49.4C01 Service Error

Hi Cliff,

49 errors can be tricky, but most can be cleared. Give these steps a try.

Turn the printer off.
Hold the Start button down while you turn the printer on.
Continue to hold the Start button, until the three L.E.D.'s light up, and stay lit, on the control panel.(The Ready, Data, and Attention lights.)
When the three lights stay on, let go of the start button, and then press the left arrow.
The display should say "Initialize Disks".
Press the checkmark button.
Now the printer will run thru its warm-up routine.

Does the error still come up?

If yes, then let???s try another type of startup.

Turn the printer off, again.
This time hold the checkmark down while you turn the printer on.
Again, you'll need to hold the button down till the three lights come on.
Then let go of the checkmark (the display will say select language, don't worry about this) and press the down arrow.
Now the display should say "Cold Reset".
Press the checkmark.
After a few moments the printer will try to warm-up.

Still got the error??

If yes, I would recommend calling HP @ 800-474-6836. The agent will probably have you reseat the firmware and memory dimms, and possibly a few other steps. But if they can't get it fixed over the phone, they can dispatch a tech to come repair the product.

Hope that helps!

Good Luck,
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Re: 49.4C01 Service Error

Thanks Chad,
but neither of those helped. The thing that bothers me is that this printer is right out of the box.

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Re: 49.4C01 Service Error

could be if you did not unlock the scanner transporation lock.

do you have it attached to the network? It could also be something with the JD card, or printer memory.

Remove the JD card and try again.

good luck
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Re: 49.4C01 Service Error

Thanks Petr,

I found that out yesterday. The scanner lock was on. However, I find it hard to believe that a solution as simple as this could not be found in the a HP site search.

Anyho, thanks everyone for your help!

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Re: 49.4C01 Service Error

I didn't know this problem could also be caused by a locked scanner, but if the solution is that easy, mostly you don't find it in internet knowledge bases because it can be found in the troubleshooting sections of the equipment's user manual and reference guide. The same error occurs regularly on the laserjet 9000mfp too. in most cases it's the disk that needs re-initialisation or replacement. I blame Hitachi's crap travelstar disks ;-)
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