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4350 printer

I have a customer that has a 4350 laserjet printer, and they are calling in a service call with an error that i dont thing pertains to a printer error but more like a computer error. They called in an error (Subsystem Kernal error Illegal) Does anyone confirm that this is a computer error and not a printer error?
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Re: 4350 printer

Subsystem Kernel
Error Illegal ...

looks like (part of) a PCL XL error message; the error might be something like the following sample:

PCL XL error
Subsystem: KERNEL
Error: IllegalOperationsSequence
Operator: EndChar
Position: 24

Such error messages indicate that the printer believes the incoming PCL XL print stream to be incorrect in some way (corrupt structure, invalid value, etc., etc.); the printer will usually abandon the current print job after reporting the error.

A PCL XL print stream is generated by a PCL6 printer driver.

If the error can be repeated consistently (i.e. same application, same source document, same printer driver, same target device always gives rise to the same error), then the cause is likely to be a fault in the printer driver or spooler software.

But if the error is random (different values for Error, Operator and Position), then the causs is more likely to be random corruption of the print stream - check connections, ports, NICs, routers, switches and printer by substitution (of one component at a time).
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Re: 4350 printer

Sometimes a simple test to check functionality is to use the drag and drop print ready feature, if you FTP to the printers IP address using either your internet browser or file browser you should see a folder called PORT1, drop a file in there such as a PDF - perhaps even the one that is causing issues and see if it prints OK.

In many cases this will confirm everything given in the answer above (which I think is perhaps the most accurate answer you will get), the printer may print without issue but if you print via your normal route you then get problems.

If the network is at fault and corrupting the stream then you may well see similar problems on larger files and so this test will re-inforce the answer you have been given.

You can use most common file formats to test through the FTP port i.e text, RTF, PDF etc although bear in mind some may print with an on board font if you have special characters embedded in the document but our engineers use this a lot to remove the customers print servers from the diagnostic loop without removing or re-installing any software.
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Re: 4350 printer

Thanks alot Kevin I am going to give this a shot. Wish me luck
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