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4050TN cfg ip changes won't take

I'm trying to change the ip address of my 4050TN from the control panel and everytime I change it and then print the configuration page none of the changes I made have taken. I've done this while "offline" and "online" and neither worked. I'm stuck.
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Re: 4050TN cfg ip changes won't take

Hi Paul,
after you changed the ip - adress (subnet mask,default gateway) via control panel, did you hit the "select" buttom to confirm the new values? If so, did a "*" appear behind the new value?
"*" indicates that the new value is accepted by the printer and stored.

May the buttom itself is defektive, try to change the IP via telnet.

Hope that helps

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Re: 4050TN cfg ip changes won't take

oh, did I mention that you have to hit [select] Buttom after each single value?
IP-Byte 1=192 [select] ("*" appears in display)
IP-Byte 2=168 [select] ("*" appears in display)
IP-Byte 3=xxx [select] ("*" appears in display)
IP-Byte 4=xxx [select] ("*" appears in display)

SM-Byte 1=255 [select] ("*" appears in display)
SM-Byte 2=255 [select] ("*" appears in display)
SM-Byte 3=255 [select] ("*" appears in display)
SM-Byte 4=0 [select] ("*" appears in display)

LG-Byte 1=0
LG-Byte 2=0 ; I don??t use this (syslog server)
LG-Byte 3=0
LG-Byte 4=0

GW-Byte 1=192 [select] ("*" appears in display)
GW-Byte 2=168 [select] ("*" appears in display)
GW-Byte 3=xxx [select] ("*" appears in display)
GW-Byte 4=xxx [select] ("*" appears in display)

If this won??t work contact HP hotline with your telefone near the printer :-).

Good luck.
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Re: 4050TN cfg ip changes won't take

All the things listed above a valid. I have configured quite a few 4000n 4050tn 8150dn etc and they all work the same. The gentleman above gave you the file syntax for entering ip. It sounds like the * tag, that indicates the value is "set" is most probably your problem. As I said I have worked on hundreds of these and missing one * is all it takes, frustratingly pathetic ip configuration menu but it does work. If you need any IP advice or specifics and it is not the "taking" of the ip configuration to the built in laserjet card then please leave another message. My guess is you have it solved now. It is a confusing menu at best. GL, don't forget to "disable" appletalk, IPX and other protocols that you do not want enabled. If I remember right it is either DLC or IPX or both on by default.
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