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Enterprises everywhere are struggling to figure out how to build and deploy enterprise mobile applications without overwhelming their IT budgets. Modern mobile apps need to enable users to engage with their work, wherever they may be. In this blog, we will be exploring the unique challenges and solutions of enterprise mobile app development, helping you to design, build and deploy great mobile apps.

Discover the secrets of enterprise mobility at HP Discover 2014


Do you remember that feeling you had as a kid when you knew that a big event is on the horizon? Maybe it was your birthday, vacation or a trip to the water park that had you so excited. You just knew you were going to burst if you had to wait any longer for the event.



This is exactly how I am feeling one month out from HP Discover. I love this event. I love getting to share what we have been working on and I love getting to talk with people face-to-face and find out the latest in the marketplace.


Keep reading to find out where I will be and to see my list of “can’t miss” sessions. I promise that if you are interested in enterprise mobility you won’t be disappointed. 

Enterprise Mobility: I want it all with no compromise

Brian May picture.png“I want it all. “


Your business users are asking for it all.   They always have been.


With mobility, you’ve always had to compromise on what you could deliver.  

No more.   It’s possible to deliver world class apps and user experience without compromising.


Keep reading to learn more about how to deliver a World Class Mobile Enterprise without Compromise.

Also, register for an informative and interactive Mobile Enterprise without Compromise webinar on May 28th at 1pm EST.

You say you want a (UX) Revolution!


A great user experience it not  just a “nice to have”, it’s now a “must have” factor for today’s applications, particularly for the enterprise. The mobile mindset of working anywhere, anytime, and with just the right information, are changing the way we consume applications.


In this webinar, Oded Klimer, describes the user experience revolution, what we have been doing in HP Anywhere to fulfill this vision, and the key concepts you need to know for making a wining application today!

HP Discover 2014 Las Vegas is right around the corner!


Want to get a head start on some of the great sessions we’ll be holding at HP Discover 2014 Las Vegas, in June. This is your opportunity to hear how mobile is altering today’s enterprise landscape. CIOs and IT departments are not only trying to keep pace with today’s demands for mobility and mobile apps; but they are looking for insight in how to deal with the ongoing challenges of such a world.

Plan on attending Discover so you can hear from our mobile team of experts—they can help clear the air.

Mobile design…it’s an art

designing-your-app.jpgHaving a great user experience has become an essential factor for success in modern applications. This is especially true for enterprises.  The mobile mindset of working anywhere, anytime, and with just the right information, is changing the way we consume applications.

Mobility Leadership – keys to success from mobility experts

What does it take to be a leader in enterprise mobility? True leaders understand that users are at the center of an application. If you don’t wrap your product around users, they will find one that will.



Keep reading to find out how you can make sure your application is user-focused and how this can make the difference for your organization. 

Get a head start on mobile performance testing!

mobile test.pngPerformance Testing for mobile apps cannot be addressed as a bolt-on to existing quality processes. You must integrate mobile testing into your application lifecycle management and testing practices. This means looking at all elements of a strategy—people, process, and tooling.


Co-Author Michael "Doc" Deady and  Sangeetha K

'BYOS' Should Replace BYOD

Connected-Car.jpgDoes BYOD really describe what we are facing in this anytime/anywhere world. This was the topic of discussion during dinner at Mobile World Congress between myself and a number of my HP colleagues.


Keep reading to find out what we landed on after an in-depth discussion.

The new HP Anywhere Developer IDE: for enterprise developers

balloons-163597_640.jpgBring out the balloons and the noise makers! I am so excited about this news that I want to share it with the world. We have made some updates and improvements to the HP Anywhere developer IDE and supporting tools. These updates will make it easier for developers to create the amazing enterprise mobile apps your company needs.


9. HP A 11 Desktop 2.png


We’re also starting to run more technical blogs on Pronq, our platform for practioners, so please check out the great news and learn how you can utilize these improvements to make the coolest, most powerful apps possible. HP Anywhere developer IDE



Also, before I close – a reminder, that I recently shared exciting news that the HP Anywhere 11 Beta is open for you to take it out for a test drive…. Sign up here and enjoy the coolest enterprise mobile management platform in the cloud… (ok, I’m a bit biased)


SIGN UP for the HP Anywhere 11 Beta

Snap 2014-03-31 at 12.05.47.png

Mobile Security...the threat is real...seriously

mobile_security.pngThe threat landscape of mobile security is moving rapidly and deserves to be investigated and presented in a way that is useful for IT managers, staff, and security engineers. Not only do mobile devices present a unique set of risks for your enterprise, but the mobile applications that your employees run or develop can also present opportunities for attackers.


During this webinar, HP Security expert, Mark Painter, shares key insights from HP research into mobile app security and share recommendations about how to reduce your risk and improve your mobile app security.

Unlocking the Power of Enterprise Mobility: HP Anywhere Partner Program

icon_hight_resolution.pngEnterprises worldwide are embarking on their mobility journey and they can’t go it alone. It is not a secret, mobility is no small quest – it is a journey to achieve the promised benefits. Pairing the right technology with the right expertise are key components to unlocking the power of enterprise mobility.


For enterprises to achieve a successful mobile strategy, they need to be able to embrace a holistic and reliable solution that addresses mobile app development, testing, monitoring, security, distribution and consumption. We believe that our partners can help us provide our mutual customers the right access to the technology and expertise needed to achieve their mobile objectives.


Today, we are excited to announce the HP Anywhere Partner Program to further help our partner community and customers achieve true Enterprise Mobility with HP Anywhere and HP Access Catalog.   The partner program is designed to focus on the unique needs of mobility to help HP partners take advantage of the market opportunity by offering a comprehensive set of mobile software solutions and services. With this program, HP’s mobility solution will be more accessible to customers and will make it easier for our partners to help deliver compelling solutions that target their customers’ core business problems.  


 Keep reading to learn more about the HP Anywhere Partner Program.

HP Anywhere 11 Beta – Come and play in our sandbox!

9. HP A 11 Desktop 2.pngComing soon to a cloud near you, an enterprise mobility platform to give you a secure, managed solution to your BYOD problems!   The evolution of BYOD and the consumerization of IT is putting enterprises everywhere under stress to deliver secure, compelling and reliable mobile apps for their mobile workforce. These new style mobile apps need to offer the desired functionality without the overhead of old school IT solutions. 


How can you get ahead of the curve and be ready for the next request from the business?   Keep reading to learn about the HP Anywhere SaaS beta.  Meet the new cloud-based solution for the mobile world.  


Ready to get started?      Sign up here to join the HP Anywhere SaaS beta


Mobile App Security Trends - A live webinar

Mobile Security Icon.png

Security is one of the top concerns that is keeping IT leaders awake at night.  Are they confident that their new mobile apps are secure and what risks are they introducing with their new mobile apps?  Of course, BYOD and the introduction of mobility into the enterprise only escalates their worries.   What do we know about mobile app security and the associated risks?   What can an IT leader do to ensure that their apps are secure and ready to be deployed without introducing unreasonable risks?  In this informative webinar, HP security expert Mark Painter will share key findings and recommendations about how to minimize your mobile app security risks.


Join us live on April 3rd at 11 AM EST/ 8 AM PST, to learn about mobile app security.

An apps catalog to make you feel happy

happyface.jpgThere are lots of catalogs out there, and it is obvious that consumers love the act of the shopping experience.  Here at 

HP, we’re taking a very consumer oriented service and applying it to our apps. The HP Access Catalog feels like an app store and it’s an environment that makes you have fun while using it.


The HP Access Catalog enables you to deliver applications across all of your employees’ mobile platforms and device types. This way, you can support the demands of platform proliferation and bring your own                                                                                                    device (BYOD) trends with unprecedented ease and cost efficiency.


                                                                                                   Keep reading to find out how you can.  

As it been a year? A look back at the Apps for Mobile blog


My oh my, how times flies! It is hard to believe that a year has gone by since we first launched the Apps for Mobile blog site. A few interesting and exciting things have happened within the past year. Let's take a step back and review what took place.


Keep reading to see what you might have missed while we blow out the candle on this anniversary. 

Captain Kirk, the Cyborgs are coming! And they are bringing their mobile devices!


At one point, the Internet was only accessible by computers. Now I look at the devices around my home that connect to the Internet, and I am amazed.


As I look around the office, no longer are the computers the only connected device. Now people walk around with wearable devices- and they are looking for IT support and connectivity for them.


Keep reading to find out how to prepare yourself for the flood of devices that are coming your way. 

Mobile World Congress - Can you describe it?

fun.jpgFour days, four million plus square feet and the latest and greatest mobile has to offer. That's a great way to spend the week, oh and a wonderful medieval city on the sea to boot. Can't ask for much more during the cold wet winter of 2014.

How are you getting to work? Notes live from Mobile World Congress

connected cars.jpgToday as I wandered around the showroom floor of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, I was absolutely amazed at what the future holds.


In the blink of an eye, it may be possible for all of us to sit in our autonomous cars and work from our convertible laptops as we head into the office. It is not quite The Jetsons, but we are getting closer…

Keep reading to find out the amazing discoveries I made during my time here.

The nuts and bolts of HP's Mobile App Platform


You may have heard about HP Anywhere and how it’s revolutionizing the way employees interact with enterprise software.  What you have heard has probably wet your appetite and now you want to know more.


HP Anywhere is a mobile app platform designed to mobilize the enterprise. It connects users with corporate systems and with each other on their device of choice. It combines the open standards of HTML5 and JavaScript with unique capabilities for predictive collaboration, system integration and enterprise security to deliver a powerful mobile application development experience. 


Impressed? Keep reading to find out how it all works together. 

What are your employees wearing to the office? Notes live from Mobile World Congress

HP Software Mobility Strategy.jpgOver here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, everyone is talking mobile, apps and BYOD. Mobile World Congress is the largest mobile event of the year, and I am so excited to share the latest developments from the event with you.


Keep reading to learn how to make the most of the “There’s an app for that” culture and why your IT should be more concerned with what employees are wearing.

A mobile app store…for employees

HPACat.jpgIT organizations are facing pressure to deliver a marketplace experience to employees who expect access to content and apps from their device of choice. Employees will resist using your services if they don’t deliver the experience they want, but non-business controlled exchanges and app stores lack enterprise security and control. Companies must also protect their apps from access by outsiders.


Today HP delivers a solution to this situation with the HP Access Catalog, a SaaS-delivered mobile app and content store.  Now corporations can quickly and securely deliver resources across mobile and desktop devices to their employees anywhere. Keep reading to find out how you can get your hands on the HP Access Catalog!

Surfing the BYOD Wave - Resources

Are you joining our “Surfing the BYOD wave” webinar tomorrow?   In case it’s not on your calendar –

Weds, 19 February 11 AM EST/ 8 AM PST.  


Feel free to register now.   I’m looking forward to a lively session w/ HP Mobile Evangelist – David Moses, Google-Glass-Dog.jpgwhere we’ll look at how to take advantage of BYOD and deliver mobile solutions to your workforce.


One thing I wanted to include here is a list of a few resources that you might find helpful, when researching BYOD.


Mike Jennett’s almost famous BYOD recipe

Rick Barron’s BYOD or CYOD

Video Discussion “BYOD: Bring your own device or disaster?”

MDM vs MAM comparison

Brian Katz’ “FUN Principle” for BYOD

Economist Inteligence Unit – The Personalization challenge


I hope you can join the webinar, If not, the above links should help you in your BYOD research.



Learn how to build 5-star mobile just 3 hours



The pressure for speed and performance in today’s tough markets is relentless. Mobile app developers feel this pressure on a daily basis. 


 The HP Anywhere team is going to be at Mobile World Congress [Feb 24 - 27], in Barcelona, Spain. This is your opportunity to learn how to meet the demands for speed and performance without all of the stress that seems to accommodate the request. Keep reading to find out where we will be and what we will be talking about.  





Surfing the BYOD wave - how IT leaders can get ahead of the curve


ocean_wave.jpgWe know that IT is facing challenges with BYOD. But do you truly understand what these challenges are and what you can do to overcome them?  

Keep reading to find out how you can position your enterprise to take advantage of BYOD and enterprise mobility. 

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I say tomato, you say tomatoe: the new BYOD



Ok, 2013 was all about BYOD (bring-your-own-device). What a difference a year makes because it’s looking like 2014 is going to be about CYOD (choose-your-own-device).


Keep reading to find out what “choose-your-own-device” is and what it means for you. 

Join the mobile circus at Mobile World Congress

CircusTent02.jpgWhen you were a kid, did you ever imagine running away to join the circus?  You loved the excitement and the energy.  You dreamed of being a lion tamer, trapeze performer or perhaps one of the clowns.  (I think that was my dream…J )


Right now, we’re about five weeks away from a modern day circus of sorts – Mobile World Congress! This event brings over 60,000 people together into one place, which creates  an intense, focused and exhilarating environment—all focused on the future of mobility.


Are you going to MWC?  Do you want to go?  Keep reading  to learn where HP will be and how you can  have an opportunity to get a pass.

HTML5 and its future on display at Mobile World Congress


 How can SP’s position themselves in the mobile apps value chain with HTML5? This is a top question for 2014.

Keep reading to find out how we have built the bridge between customers and service providers. 

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HP Google Hangouts in 2013…stay tuned for more in 2014



As we close the year, we wanted to thank our audience who attended the HP Anywhere Google Hangouts during 2013. Your questions during the sessions added to the dialogue—which was greatly appreciated. As a result of your feedback, the team is working on developing a new series of topics for 2014. We covered various items this year dealing with:

  • Best practices when designing killer apps
  • Myths around Enterprise Mobile Security
  • HP Anywhere Hackathon

Scoot over Apple and Google…the enterprise app store is coming



While app stores have become incredibly popular in the consumer world—thanks to the Apple App Store and Google Play—enterprises are jumping on the bandwagon! The recent surge in mobile application deployment in enterprise settings has followed—for good reason. 


By 2017, it is predicted that 25 percent of enterprises will have an enterprise app store for managing corporate-sanctioned apps on PCs and mobile devices, according to Gartner, Inc.


Enterprise app stores promise greater control over the apps used by employees, greater control over software expenditures and greater negotiating leverage with app vendors, but this greater control is only possible if the enterprise app store is widely adopted. 

Enterprise mobile application development with HP Anywhere



HP Anywhere is an enterprise mobile application solution for developing, managing and consuming mobile applications. It’s a platform that provides a way to write a mobile application that can run across both Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Based on the Apache Cordova framework, HP Anywhere uses open Web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript, as well as application containers designed to work with specific system calls found in iOS and Android.

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