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Enterprises everywhere are struggling to figure out how to build and deploy enterprise mobile applications without overwhelming their IT budgets. Modern mobile apps need to enable users to engage with their work, wherever they may be. In this blog, we will be exploring the unique challenges and solutions of enterprise mobile app development, helping you to design, build and deploy great mobile apps.

What are your employees wearing to the office? Notes live from Mobile World Congress

HP Software Mobility Strategy.jpgOver here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, everyone is talking mobile, apps and BYOD. Mobile World Congress is the largest mobile event of the year, and I am so excited to share the latest developments from the event with you.


Keep reading to learn how to make the most of the “There’s an app for that” culture and why your IT should be more concerned with what employees are wearing.

Surfing the BYOD wave - how IT leaders can get ahead of the curve


ocean_wave.jpgWe know that IT is facing challenges with BYOD. But do you truly understand what these challenges are and what you can do to overcome them?  

Keep reading to find out how you can position your enterprise to take advantage of BYOD and enterprise mobility. 

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Enterprise mobile application development with HP Anywhere



HP Anywhere is an enterprise mobile application solution for developing, managing and consuming mobile applications. It’s a platform that provides a way to write a mobile application that can run across both Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Based on the Apache Cordova framework, HP Anywhere uses open Web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript, as well as application containers designed to work with specific system calls found in iOS and Android.

13 Enterprise mobile apps that drive people nuts even though they're free



If you’re looking for what will aggravate your users with an app, even if it’s free, check out the feedback from users.


Some common issues that made customers upset were:

  1. Keyboard usability problems
  2. Problems with logging in and choppy video performance
  3. Crashing or freezing

Did you hear about HP Anywhere at HP Discover? Quick overview in 3 minutes



While you’re attending HP Discover in Barcelona this week, you’ll hear about HP Anywhere. This short movie describes the main usage, value proposition and personas of HP Anywhere.


We have more mobile sessions for you!



In case you missed todays mobile sessions, don't worry, we have more on Dec. 11th and Dec. 12th.

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Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2014

Crystal Ball

 I keep my eyes open for articles that look into the crystal ball and provide some insight to what the future holds in store for us. You may find this one from Gartner very interesting. The article touches on such areas as:

  • Mobile Device Diversity and Management
  • Mobile Apps and Applications

But I digress. Don’t want to give away the ending…you have to read on to discover that...

Mobile thinking…we got you covered!

HP Discover Barcelona 2013


HP Discover Barcelona is the must-attend conference of 2013 featuring hundreds of sessions focused on the hottest topics in the industry today – Big Data, Converged Cloud, Security, Risk Management and…Mobility!


I have some suggestions for how you should spend your week. Keep reading to find out what they are…

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It all started with Nathan Stubblefield



This year we celebrate the 40th year of the mobile phone. From the first cellphone call in 1973 through to the launch of the iPhone, the mobile phone has gone through changes that have impacted the entire world…and it’s only just begun. 

Mobilizing on the Med - HP Discover Barcelona

Barcelona Cell TowerLet's see, December on the Mediterranean, well I guess things could be worse. Why not escape the cold and head down to Barcelona to join us at HP Discover as we continue to mobilize the enterprise. 

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A great weekend of mobile hacking

hack.jpegWhat happens when you take a great product, and a bunch of really talented people and put them in a loft for two days straight? Some really awesome new mobile apps. This past weekend I was brought back to the boom days of the 90's at the HP Anywhere Hackathon and I saw that the momentum of those days have returned. 


What is the impact of cloud on mobile?

Big_data_RGB_blue_NT.pngCloud, mobile and big data are all hot topics for IT. But what impacts do they have on each other?


Continue reading to find out how cloud services impact mobile and what you need to look for in your environment to prepare for cloud and mobility.


Guest post by David Landsberg, HP Anywhere Product Manager

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HP Anywhere Pre-Hack-a-thon Meetup: Shaping the future workplace

kid with cap.pngWhen the brightest minds gather together, inspiration is born.


That is the goal of the upcoming HP Anywhere hack-a-thon. To help gear up, we are hosting a pre-event meet-up. Keep reading to find out how you can join in on the fun.


Guest post by Rick Barron,

Program Management and User Experience

Mobile Social and Analytics Product Unit | HP Software

5 reasons why your business should embrace a mobile strategy

woman at white board.jpgStand in a long line at the grocery store, the airport or the DMV. I want you to take a moment and look up from your mobile device to notice what those around you are doing—I guarantee a majority of them are on their devices.


In the last few years we have become a society that is addicted to mobile.  What is your business doing to take advantage of this obsession? Continue reading to find out why your business should embrace a mobile strategy.


Guest post by Rick Barron,

Program Management and User Experience

Mobile Social and Analytics Product Unit | HP Software

Living in interesting times – how to be ready for changes in mobile

Are you faced with dealing with the challenges of big data, the cloud and mobile apps?  I’m sure you are.  Keep reading to CoolRide.pngget some insights about how these are impacting IT and learn about where you get even more information.

Mobile is on fire: don’t let your apps for mobile get burned

HP-1_BLOG-FOOTER-600x60.jpgWe all know that mobile is revolutionizing technology, but how can you prevent your apps from getting burned from its popularity.


Continue reading to find out how you can become a mobile-powered enterprise.  

Flat Design: a series of thoughts

mobile teaser.pngI have seen a lot in the news lately about the value of User Experience (UX). I wonder if this is really news, or if I am just seeing a lot about it because of the news I read.


One of the topics I am seeing getting coverage is flat design. While it is not new, it appears to be having a renaissance.  Keep reading to find out the role it can play with mobile apps.


Guest post written by

Genefa Murphy I Director I Product Management and User Experience

Mobile Social and Analytics Product Unit I HP Software

Is 2013 ready for HTML5?


Like a fine wine, sometimes things need time to be appreciated. This looks to be the case with both Arrested Development and HTML5. Many times people don't fully understand or see the value of an item when first presented, but with HTML5 that view looks to be changing and 2013 may just be the year!

8 UX lessons to learn from Windows 8

ScreenHunter_70 Apr. 14 18.49.jpg

Have you had the chance to experience the full family of Windows 8 products? Microsoft has increased the user experience (and pleasure) by rethinking how the user relates to technology.

Keep reading to find out the eight lessons we can all learn from Windows 8.


By: Natalie Verter

5 Key Concepts to Consider When Designing for Mobile

Oded klimer - 5 Key Concepts to Consider When Designing for MobileThe mobile domain is constantly changing and re-inventing itself, aligning with the following five concepts will help you successfully meet the desires of your customers and produce a winning solution.


By: Oded Klimer

Mike’s “almost famous” BYOD recipe

Twinkies.pngFind out how John Stewart provided inspiration for finding that perfect recipe for BYOD policy. Twinkies also play an important role in BYOD-- VIVA LA TWINKIE!!


Image courtesy of Flickr user Christian Cable.


Guest post written by Mike Jennett, Senior Program Manager, HP Enterprise Mobility

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