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Enterprises everywhere are struggling to figure out how to build and deploy enterprise mobile applications without overwhelming their IT budgets. Modern mobile apps need to enable users to engage with their work, wherever they may be. In this blog, we will be exploring the unique challenges and solutions of enterprise mobile app development, helping you to design, build and deploy great mobile apps.

Enterprise Mobility: I want it all with no compromise

Brian May picture.png“I want it all. “


Your business users are asking for it all.   They always have been.


With mobility, you’ve always had to compromise on what you could deliver.  

No more.   It’s possible to deliver world class apps and user experience without compromising.


Keep reading to learn more about how to deliver a World Class Mobile Enterprise without Compromise.

Also, register for an informative and interactive Mobile Enterprise without Compromise webinar on May 28th at 1pm EST.

Mobile application essentials and the new style of IT



How are you planning to address the implications that the mobile era is having on your IT organization?   If you are not already figuring out how to deal with developing, deploying and managing mobile apps, then you need to take a serious look at mobile design and how to plan for the future.   Check out this blog to learn more about  mobile development and the importance of great user experience and design.


The world is changing at the speed of mobile

Speedometer.jpgThe mobile revolution is changing everything about applications development. I recently had the opportunity to connect with developers at EclipseCon and I got some insight into what they are experiencing “in the trenches”.



Keep reading if you want to find out what they said and to find out the results of a related whitepaper on mobile development. 

Enterprise mobile apps—A conversation with the experts

Keeping up with the pace of mobile applications is enough to make anyone’s head spin. If it is tough for an individual, think of the implications for enterprises.

 Android and iPhone.png

To address these issues I sat down with some IT experts to find out how they are handling it. They understand that you have to build-in protection, but allow for the freedom of design.


Keep reading to find out what they do to meet these challenges and to watch video of our conversation

Top 10 Mobile Apps Topics at HP Discover (with rooms)

1. Vegas Sign-by-123_Chroma_Pixels-Flikr_4323316024_9aa2a5d492_m.jpgIf you are like me, a conference like HP Discover can be overwhelming.   There are so many choices, and so little time.  


I always agonize over where to spend my time to get the most value.


Well, if you’re concerned about mobile apps… how to design them, build them, test them, manage them, monitor them… then I might be able to help you plan your conference.  Check out my list of the top mobile app sessions.

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