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Enterprises everywhere are struggling to figure out how to build and deploy enterprise mobile applications without overwhelming their IT budgets. Modern mobile apps need to enable users to engage with their work, wherever they may be. In this blog, we will be exploring the unique challenges and solutions of enterprise mobile app development, helping you to design, build and deploy great mobile apps.

Surfing the BYOD Wave - Resources

Are you joining our “Surfing the BYOD wave” webinar tomorrow?   In case it’s not on your calendar –

Weds, 19 February 11 AM EST/ 8 AM PST.  


Feel free to register now.   I’m looking forward to a lively session w/ HP Mobile Evangelist – David Moses, Google-Glass-Dog.jpgwhere we’ll look at how to take advantage of BYOD and deliver mobile solutions to your workforce.


One thing I wanted to include here is a list of a few resources that you might find helpful, when researching BYOD.


Mike Jennett’s almost famous BYOD recipe

Rick Barron’s BYOD or CYOD

Video Discussion “BYOD: Bring your own device or disaster?”

MDM vs MAM comparison

Brian Katz’ “FUN Principle” for BYOD

Economist Inteligence Unit – The Personalization challenge


I hope you can join the webinar, If not, the above links should help you in your BYOD research.



Surfing the BYOD wave - how IT leaders can get ahead of the curve


ocean_wave.jpgWe know that IT is facing challenges with BYOD. But do you truly understand what these challenges are and what you can do to overcome them?  

Keep reading to find out how you can position your enterprise to take advantage of BYOD and enterprise mobility. 

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I say tomato, you say tomatoe: the new BYOD



Ok, 2013 was all about BYOD (bring-your-own-device). What a difference a year makes because it’s looking like 2014 is going to be about CYOD (choose-your-own-device).


Keep reading to find out what “choose-your-own-device” is and what it means for you. 

Enterprise mobile application development with HP Anywhere



HP Anywhere is an enterprise mobile application solution for developing, managing and consuming mobile applications. It’s a platform that provides a way to write a mobile application that can run across both Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Based on the Apache Cordova framework, HP Anywhere uses open Web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript, as well as application containers designed to work with specific system calls found in iOS and Android.

Don't be overprotective about BYOD

Bubble_boy.jpgToo many IT departments are putting a crimp in bring-your-own-device programs by acting like overbearing parents when it comes to security precautions.


Unfortunately, you can't wipe your entire IT department with wet wipes to protect it from viruses. Keep reading to find out effective ways to keep yourself safe.

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Mobilizing on the Med - HP Discover Barcelona

Barcelona Cell TowerLet's see, December on the Mediterranean, well I guess things could be worse. Why not escape the cold and head down to Barcelona to join us at HP Discover as we continue to mobilize the enterprise. 

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Make “write once, run anywhere” a reality with mobile

Surfing Worker.pngDo you remember when Java was predicted to be the language that delivered on the promise of Write Once, Run Anywhere?


What happened? I recently read an interesting article about Write Once, Run Anywhere and how it is very hard to deliver. After reading this article, I didn’t feel like throwing in the towel. Instead, I was frustrated enough to decide that we should go back to the drawing board on WORA. Keep reading to see where I think we should make a few changes

Will this be the day you define your BYOD strategy?

Question Button.pngHave you considered what the real battle for BYOD is? There are multiple challenges surrounding BYOD, and you may be feeling like you are caught in a spider’s web.   




If your organization is struggling with the challenges of meeting the new and increasing demand for BYOD, keep reading for a few suggestions about how to solve this puzzle.

Managing for BYOD – An manager’s challenge

iPhone Screens.png“If I don’t see you using your personal device, it will magically vanish.” Is this how your organization views BYOD? If it is, this is a dangerous place to operate.


Keep reading to find out some building blocks for a solid BYOD policy. 

Building for BYOD – An app developer’s challenge

DeveloperYou go to hackathons for fun  because you love to code at work, and hate the endless meetings that you have to attend instead of doing “real work”.  


Why can’t you just get to work and code?  Why don’t they just get it?

Sound familiar?  If you’re trying to code and deliver a solution on time, then you know what it’s like to work with these conditions.



But, there’s a big challenge facing you in the  BYOD marketplace… keep reading get one perspective on how to approach the problem.

Mike’s “almost famous” BYOD recipe

Twinkies.pngFind out how John Stewart provided inspiration for finding that perfect recipe for BYOD policy. Twinkies also play an important role in BYOD-- VIVA LA TWINKIE!!


Image courtesy of Flickr user Christian Cable.


Guest post written by Mike Jennett, Senior Program Manager, HP Enterprise Mobility

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