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Enterprises everywhere are struggling to figure out how to build and deploy enterprise mobile applications without overwhelming their IT budgets. Modern mobile apps need to enable users to engage with their work, wherever they may be. In this blog, we will be exploring the unique challenges and solutions of enterprise mobile app development, helping you to design, build and deploy great mobile apps.

Mobile App Security Trends - A live webinar

Mobile Security Icon.png

Security is one of the top concerns that is keeping IT leaders awake at night.  Are they confident that their new mobile apps are secure and what risks are they introducing with their new mobile apps?  Of course, BYOD and the introduction of mobility into the enterprise only escalates their worries.   What do we know about mobile app security and the associated risks?   What can an IT leader do to ensure that their apps are secure and ready to be deployed without introducing unreasonable risks?  In this informative webinar, HP security expert Mark Painter will share key findings and recommendations about how to minimize your mobile app security risks.


Join us live on April 3rd at 11 AM EST/ 8 AM PST, to learn about mobile app security.

Surfing the BYOD Wave - Resources

Are you joining our “Surfing the BYOD wave” webinar tomorrow?   In case it’s not on your calendar –

Weds, 19 February 11 AM EST/ 8 AM PST.  


Feel free to register now.   I’m looking forward to a lively session w/ HP Mobile Evangelist – David Moses, Google-Glass-Dog.jpgwhere we’ll look at how to take advantage of BYOD and deliver mobile solutions to your workforce.


One thing I wanted to include here is a list of a few resources that you might find helpful, when researching BYOD.


Mike Jennett’s almost famous BYOD recipe

Rick Barron’s BYOD or CYOD

Video Discussion “BYOD: Bring your own device or disaster?”

MDM vs MAM comparison

Brian Katz’ “FUN Principle” for BYOD

Economist Inteligence Unit – The Personalization challenge


I hope you can join the webinar, If not, the above links should help you in your BYOD research.



Learn how to build 5-star mobile just 3 hours



The pressure for speed and performance in today’s tough markets is relentless. Mobile app developers feel this pressure on a daily basis. 


 The HP Anywhere team is going to be at Mobile World Congress [Feb 24 - 27], in Barcelona, Spain. This is your opportunity to learn how to meet the demands for speed and performance without all of the stress that seems to accommodate the request. Keep reading to find out where we will be and what we will be talking about.  





Join the mobile circus at Mobile World Congress

CircusTent02.jpgWhen you were a kid, did you ever imagine running away to join the circus?  You loved the excitement and the energy.  You dreamed of being a lion tamer, trapeze performer or perhaps one of the clowns.  (I think that was my dream…J )


Right now, we’re about five weeks away from a modern day circus of sorts – Mobile World Congress! This event brings over 60,000 people together into one place, which creates  an intense, focused and exhilarating environment—all focused on the future of mobility.


Are you going to MWC?  Do you want to go?  Keep reading  to learn where HP will be and how you can  have an opportunity to get a pass.

HP Google Hangouts in 2013…stay tuned for more in 2014



As we close the year, we wanted to thank our audience who attended the HP Anywhere Google Hangouts during 2013. Your questions during the sessions added to the dialogue—which was greatly appreciated. As a result of your feedback, the team is working on developing a new series of topics for 2014. We covered various items this year dealing with:

  • Best practices when designing killer apps
  • Myths around Enterprise Mobile Security
  • HP Anywhere Hackathon

Scoot over Apple and Google…the enterprise app store is coming



While app stores have become incredibly popular in the consumer world—thanks to the Apple App Store and Google Play—enterprises are jumping on the bandwagon! The recent surge in mobile application deployment in enterprise settings has followed—for good reason. 


By 2017, it is predicted that 25 percent of enterprises will have an enterprise app store for managing corporate-sanctioned apps on PCs and mobile devices, according to Gartner, Inc.


Enterprise app stores promise greater control over the apps used by employees, greater control over software expenditures and greater negotiating leverage with app vendors, but this greater control is only possible if the enterprise app store is widely adopted. 

Enterprise mobile application development with HP Anywhere



HP Anywhere is an enterprise mobile application solution for developing, managing and consuming mobile applications. It’s a platform that provides a way to write a mobile application that can run across both Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Based on the Apache Cordova framework, HP Anywhere uses open Web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript, as well as application containers designed to work with specific system calls found in iOS and Android.

Mobile update from day 1 at HP Discover in Barcelona

5238589026_6c168a85be_z.jpgI sure hope to see you this week at Barcelona at HP Discover.   Barcelona is beautiful and full of energy, I'm excited to be here and meeting so many of you.   However if you're not at the show, I'm going to have a few quick updates this week with things you would hear and see.   


Keep reading for a quick update

Mobile Apps – a live technical chat

5238589026_6c168a85be_z.jpgIf you want to get your questions answered about HP Anywhere and enterprise mobility, I’ve got a pretty good opportunity to share with you. 


In a couple of weeks,  at HP Discover in Barcelona, I’m going to be sitting down with two of the key architects behind HP Anywhere, and they will be ready to answer your questions.    I will be sitting down with  Yonatan Taragin, Chief Architect for the Mobile, Social and Analytics group in HP Software and Amit Erental is the Lead Functional Architect for HP Anywhere. Keep reading for the details:

HP Anywhere 10.10 launch is revolutionizing mobile app development

HP A 10.10 - offline.pngOur team’s been busy enhancing and extending the HP Anywhere platform, and we’re happy to announce that HP Anywhere 10.10 is now available. 



Keep reading to learn more about this update and how it can help you deliver an excellent mobile experience.

HP Anywhere – Wins MobITS IT Favorite Award

Mobits Award.jpgWe had a great week last week at Mobile Con 2013.  


We met with hundreds of people and companies that are building mobile apps, especially enterprise mobile apps.  


And guess what?   We even won a MobITs award!!!!


Keep reading to learn more about our adventures.

A great weekend of mobile hacking

hack.jpegWhat happens when you take a great product, and a bunch of really talented people and put them in a loft for two days straight? Some really awesome new mobile apps. This past weekend I was brought back to the boom days of the 90's at the HP Anywhere Hackathon and I saw that the momentum of those days have returned. 


MobileCon 2013 - What to Do and See

What a weekend!  -- Check out this SUPER Cool video from our Hackathon!!!!




Time to move on to the next fun event and you don’t have to go very far. 

Try just an hour south of San Francisco in the lovely city of San Jose.   Why?


Keep reading and I'll tell you why.

HP Anywhere Hackathon--The day after

-HP Anywhere Hackathon – update #6 – The day after


For those of you following the hackathon… by all accounts, it was a great event.  I’ve been recovering today, and happily, I’ve heard from a number of you who shared your time, talent, energy and creativity that this was an event that you liked.    I heard that you liked the venue, the set up, the challenges and especially liked to see the commitment from the HP Anywhere R&D team.


Continue reading to find out the event results.

That’s a wrap

-Hackathon Logo.jpgHP Anywhere Hackathon – update #5 – After Action Report


1800hour Local.


WOW!!!   What a great mix of creative and innovative ideas.    On behalf of the judging team, we were blown away with the creativity and variety of solutions that the teams created.   We had 13 teams in the event, and as I suspected, the effort to pick the winners was very difficult. 


Here’s a few comments about the apps that we saw  (more will come soon  - with screenshots)… but I wanted to wrap up the weekend with this quick summary of the top 3 apps:


  1. Snap 2013-10-13 at 18.39.00.pngShine – Gamification of how people help each other.   Imagine having a mobile framework, where you could ask for help, give help and score points, badges and rewards for being helpful and cool.  From my perspective, this sort of app could really influence the culture in a work environment and encourage collaboration and sharing.
  2. Enterprise Check In.   Do you ever travel? Do you want to connect w/ coworkers who are on the road with you?   Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could find your co-workers at the conference next week?   Social, Mobile, Location, all in one enterprise app that let’s you manage your privacy, but share when you want to.     --- I want to install the app and use it now.  
  3. FileDrop – Imagine sharing files with a twist… Sharing files based on location… If you’re not at the right place.. you can’t get the file.  Cool idea.   Enterprises want to protect their data, with File Drop, your data stays where you want it.

I’ll blog more about the other apps and the experience later in the week, but I wanted to cap off the weekend with three key things.


  1. THANK YOU.  To the hackers who joined us in this great event.  Your creativity, innovation and great ideas was awesome.  You all blew me away, and I was totally energized by your talent and energy to create very cool stuff in a very short time…. Oh, and we had FUN too.
  2. To the crew at Parisoma, Angel Hack and Rapp who helped us plan and host this event.   Thank you.   You made it seem effortless, though we all know how much hard work went into the event.   You had plans and back up plans, that made the event an amazing success.
  3. To the Judges and Speakers who joined us to share their insight and expertise - Thank you.   You helped us bring a real, enterprise perspective to the event.
  4. To the extended HP Anywhere team – Thanks for making this such a fun, engaging and successful event.  Your commitment to engage and work w/ our hackers was nothing short of awesome. 


I’m exhausted and want to close with what I think Yoda might say.


“Inspired and honored, am I to have hacked with all of you.”


<end report>


Join us on Twitter @HPAnywhere, here at the Apps for Mobile Blog and of course at the HP Anywhere

Developer Zone!

Hackathon - CODE FREEZE

10236747313_5c29508bb8_z.jpg-HP Anywhere Hackathon – update #4


1330 Local.

Check in your code and get ready to demo.   The judges are all here and we were just treated to another great food truck.   Amazing how good the food can be from the back of a truck.   The hackers are all getting ready to present their ideas.   I’m sure we’ll have a very hard time picking the winners, as the rock star hackers have created cool, creative and innovative HP Anywhere mobile apps.


Stay tuned for the webcast – Starting in 15 minutes.  LIVESTREAM


<end report>



And if you want to know how calculate the fun we’re going to have… here’s how to write the function in JavaScript


Let me know if you have any questions about HP Anywhere or the Hackathon


Join us on Twitter @HPAnywhere, here at the Apps for Mobile Blog and of course at the HP Anywhere

Developer Zone!

Hacking in the morning

-HP Anywhere Hackathon – update #3Hackathon Logo.jpg


0815 Local. We’re in the final stretch.  It’s day two, and some teams worked until very, very late at night.  Many, if not all took a break to rest and recover  a few hours here or there, but their dedication and intensity was very impressive.     The reports from the floor are 8 of them worked through the night.  


The atmosphere is still full of energy and excitement, as the teams refine and revise their mobile apps to get ready for their live demos and judging.   I’m very sure that the judging will be very difficult, as there are some great ideas in the room.  


<end report>



Also.. here's some instructions for the hackers who may be reading...


Hey Hackers,


The end is near! Just in case you forgot the instructions from yesterday, here they are again! #HackStrong


Submitting your HACK:

1) Join your city's event on

2) Create a team profile. All team members should sign up and join your team.

3) Submit Hack by our coding FREEZE (1pm most locations).

4) Upload video (optional). We share this with media and investors; for internal use only,

this is not something you use when onstage.



  • Each team will demo for a total 3 minutes on stage.
  • Teams will have 2 minutes to pitch and 1 minute of Q/A from our judges.
  • Awards! Winners will be announced.


Pitch Advice:

  • Talk about your team's skill sets and the technology you used.
  • Talk about your passion.
  • Talk about the problem you are solving.
  • Demo your product that solves that problem.
  • Judges will judge you on the completeness of your hack and what they think you could do with it.


Judging Criteria:

  • Are you building something that no one has seen before (creative)?
  • Can you explain the value proposition in 2 sentences or less (simple)?
  • How impactful can this idea be on the vertical it’s built for (impactful)?


Today will be the conlusion of our Hackathon.. Hope to see you there.  If you can’t make it for the presentations and judging, we’ll have a live stream… starting at 2 PM PST.


And if you want to know how calculate the fun we’re going to have… here’s how to write the function in JavaScript


I’ll be blogging from the event during the day, so stay tuned for more updates and I promise to avoid lame attempts at rhythm and rhyme.

Hacking into the evening

HP Anywhere Hackathon – update #2


2145 local – It’s early in the evening and the teams continue to design and to code.    Thankfully the serious nerf battles have subsided, with only a few minor skirmishes. 

  There are seriously cool ideas running around the room.   Enterprise 4 Square, Games, Breaks and Context everywhere.  There are teams of 1 and teams of 4 or more.   I’m excited to see how they progress through the night and what we see in the morning.   But if the first 10 hours is any indication, we’re in for some very cool stuff tomorrow.   Here are some recent images from the teams working and coding new HP Anywhere apps to Hack the Enterprise.


<end report>





Tomorrow, starts our Hackathon.. Hope to see you there.  If you can’t make, it, we’ll have a live stream… HERE.


And if you want to know how calculate the fun we’re going to have… here’s how to write the function in JavaScript

A post from the hacking combat zone

An update while under fire from the HP Anywhere Hackathon.... Keep reading to see a real time update with photos.  photo 2.JPG

Twas the night before the hackathon

Hackathon Logo.jpgTwas the night before the Hackathon, when all through the room,

not a creature was stirring, not even a broom.

The banners were hung on the railings with care,

in hopes that developers soon would be there.


The designers were nestled all snug in their beds,

while visions of skeumorphism danced in their heads.

And AngelHack in their ‘cool duds, and I in my best,

had just settled our’selves down for a short night’s rest.


When out on the street there arose such a noise,

I stumbled from my bed, see what annoys

Off to the window I stumbled in too many motions,

finally found the curtains to open and see  the commotion.


The moon was so bright on the street so low,

it made everything grey and surreal down below.

When, what to my still foggy eyes should appear,

but a team of developers and designers in search of a beer.

With a quirky and quiet leader to boot,

I knew in a moment their scrummaster was a hoot.

Faster than tweets,

he whistled, and shouted, and called out!


"Now developer! now, designer! now, tester and hacker!

On, Coding! On, Committing! on, Sharing and Fixen!

To the top of the program! to the top of the design!

Now hack away! Hack  away! Hack away all!"


And then, with a glimmering smile, I saw alight

into a space for hacking and coworking alright.

Then I went in and joined them to see if they were okay,

only to learn that they were well, well on their way.


Busy coding and designing they were in a serious affair,

using context and collaboration in HP Anywhere.

A new idea here and some innovation there,

these ladies and gentlemen nowhere near despair.


Their eyes were intense, seriously focused and concrete,

solving their problems without skipping a beat,

Collaborating and coding without any waste,

their ideas to be presented to judges post haste.


At the end of the weekend the winners were found,

they inspired, created and shared something profound

Together, they each took away their own special prize,

new friends, new ideas and a new ways to improvise.


As they cleaned up and filed out the doors,

they looked back at the once busy floors,

And I heard them say to each other,

this HP Hackathon was such fun, perhaps could we have another?


Tomorrow, starts our Hackathon.. Hope to see you there.  If you can’t make, it, we’ll have a live stream… HERE.


And if you want to know how calculate the fun we’re going to have… here’s how to write the function in JavaScript


I’ll be blogging from the event during the day, so stay tuned for more updates and I promise to avoid lame attempts at rhythm and rhyme.


p.s.  Thanks to Clement Clarke Moore’s Twas the Night Before Christmas for the inspiration above.


Let me know if you have any questions about HP Anywhere or the Hackathon


Join us on Twitter @HPAnywhere, here at the Apps for Mobile Blog and of course at the HP Anywhere

Developer Zone

HP Anywhere Hackathon meetup replay

Hackathon Logo.jpgDid you miss the HP Anywhere hackathon meetup last night?   Don't worry. 


Keep reading for how you can get all the details that were presented at the meetup.

Also for developers, there is some great technical details about how to build apps on the HP Anywhere platform.  

Hanging out with the Hackathon team

A few days ago, I sat down with Kobi Eisenberg and Stephen Williams – both key thought leaders from the HP Anywhere team to talk about the upcoming HP Anywhere Hackathon.  ..  Here's a quick excerpt:

Tags: Hackathon

11 Reasons to Attend MobileCon 2013

Exhibit Floor.pngHave you made plans for Oct 16-18?   No?  


Well, then you should look at joining us at MobileCon 2013.   Keep reading for several reasons why… (There are actually more than 11…  :-)

Will this be the day you define your BYOD strategy?

Question Button.pngHave you considered what the real battle for BYOD is? There are multiple challenges surrounding BYOD, and you may be feeling like you are caught in a spider’s web.   




If your organization is struggling with the challenges of meeting the new and increasing demand for BYOD, keep reading for a few suggestions about how to solve this puzzle.

Living in interesting times – how to be ready for changes in mobile

Are you faced with dealing with the challenges of big data, the cloud and mobile apps?  I’m sure you are.  Keep reading to CoolRide.pngget some insights about how these are impacting IT and learn about where you get even more information.

Mobile is on fire: don’t let your apps for mobile get burned

HP-1_BLOG-FOOTER-600x60.jpgWe all know that mobile is revolutionizing technology, but how can you prevent your apps from getting burned from its popularity.


Continue reading to find out how you can become a mobile-powered enterprise.  

Submitting and approving an Expense has never been easier!

Oded Klimer - Expense app

<Mobile app case study>  


A lot has been written in our blog on the principles and guidelines for designing mobile apps and how to move a web solution to mobile.


In the following blog, I would like to show how we at HP Anywhere took two complex applications used widely in enterprise organizations–submitting and approving expenses—and reconstructed them for mobile while utilizing these principles.


Is a cocktail napkin in your mobile design future?

MJarticle.pngI recently discussed the need for more brevity in mobile app development and the idea of capturing the user's task on a cocktail napkin, instead of a 50-page requirements document.


Keep reading to find out what I said in this article for InformationWeek.

Happy 18th birthday Prince of Wales

Are you on baby watch too? BabyPhoto from Flickr.jpg


The media has taken to camping outside the hospital and everyone was speculating about the baby’s gender and eventaual birthday.   <NEWS Update.  It's a Boy!!!>


Seriously, though, I am thinking beyond the birth of the royal, and instead I am thinking ahead to what the world will look like when he turns 18 in the year 2031.


Want to join me on this fantasy journey?    Keep reading to see what I predict our lives will be like. 

3 revolutionary apps for mobile built on HP Anywhere

coffee.pngLooking for coffee delivered to you? Of course we all have. Now imagine ordering from your mobile device and having your coffee meet you at your next meeting.

Amazing, right?


Keep reading to find out what apps we have been working on that might change other aspects of your life.


Guest post by

Adi Kidron
Functional Architect - HPA

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