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Enterprises everywhere are struggling to figure out how to build and deploy enterprise mobile applications without overwhelming their IT budgets. Modern mobile apps need to enable users to engage with their work, wherever they may be. In this blog, we will be exploring the unique challenges and solutions of enterprise mobile app development, helping you to design, build and deploy great mobile apps.

Join us for the Vivit Deep Dive Sessions 2015 at HP Discover

Deep dive sign.pngWhat if you had a few hours to learn more about a specific topic from thought leaders, evangelists, and technologists? What would you ask? Do you have any questions that are just itching to be answered?


Keep reading to find out more about the Vivit Deep Dive Sessions at HP Discover and how they might be the place to get your questions answered.

HP Discover 2015 Las Vegas – 30 days and counting!

dice.jpgIt’s time to roll the dice and have some fun in Vegas this June! You may roll snake eyes, but you’re sure to roll a seven when you attend the HP Discover event in Las Vegas, running from June 2nd to June 4th. In a few weeks, we’ll kick off what will be the most exciting HP Discover ever.  Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


Keep reading to find out what we have planned for the event… we may have a few cards up our sleeve.

AppPulse Mobile to the rescue! Mobile monitoring with ease!

app pulse mobile cloud.PNGYou develop an application and release it into the world and you cross your fingers and hope for the best. You have tested it during the development phase and you pray that you caught any errors before the user does.


While this may have been the mobile application release process in the past… it doesn’t have to be that way now. With HP AppPulse Mobile, you can easily monitor your mobile application to truly understand how your end users are using the application—and catch errors or issues before they affect your rating in the app store.


Keep reading to find out more about how HP AppPulse Mobile has come to the rescue for your application.


Guest post by Eric Odell, Senior Product Marketing Manager, AppPulse Mobile

Are You Ready for the Next Generation of Government IT?



Government IT faces the same impacts from trends that commercial IT does—but government offices have unique challenges to overcome in order to respond to these trends.


The HP Software Government Summit is a one-day event that is focused on the unique needs of government offices. Keep reading to find out more about the unique role that Application Lifecycle Development plays for these entities.

Mobile World Congress and the future – are you ready for the continuing wave of mobile?

it's a mobile world.pngHow often do you use apps on your smart phone?   Three, five even ten times a day?


In a recent study we conducted, we found that 80 percent of smartphone owners use mobile apps up to fifteen times a day. That’s almost once an hour.  


The impact of mobile computing and user-centric apps is touching every industry and almost every company. You have to be prepared now for these impacts, or you will be left behind in the dust.


Keep reading to find out how you can make the most of these devices and the mobile apps that power them.

Mobile World Congress 2015 – It’s a wrap!

I recently returned from an amazing week in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress and it was such a remarkable experience (as it always is). When I walk around the showroom I feel like I have teleported into the future. Some of the items on display are available commercially today while others were only a prototype.



Keep reading to follow me on my journey at the event and to see what I think the top three trends at the event were.

Mobile friendly just became more important. Are you prepared?

mobile friendly.pngLast week, Google announced plans to expand its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. According to Google’s webmaster blog, According to the blog, “users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices” as a result of this shift.



But what does this shift mean to enterprises and web developers? Keep reading to find out what the impact of these changes may mean for you.

Developing your next killer app: How IoT big data changes the game

MWC-banner-email_450x140.jpgThe Internet of Things is opening up a new universe of data, and developers need to find ways to easily and effectively unlock the richness of all that data.


Keep reading to find out how you can utilize the big data generated by the Internet of Things and how you can learn more about this process at Mobile World Congress March 2-5 in Barcelona.


Guest post by Joe Leung, product marketing manager, HP Vertica

5 Can’t Miss Reasons to visit Barcelona and Mobile World Congress

Mobile world congress 2015.PNGWe’re less than a month away from this year’s GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (March 2- 5), and I wanted to share a few reasons why you should attend this year’s conference.


The secret to happy customers? Big Data!

happy.jpg Traditional business data is woefully incapable of making sense of the customer experience. Fortunately, new uses of big data are now helping businesses unlock these secrets. At the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 2–5, HP Software will host a special program focused on how big data can reveal critical insights about customer experience, and how you can turn that into a competitive advantage. Here is a sneak peek at just some of what we will discuss.


Guest post by Alain Decartes


Strategic Software Initiatives Lead, Cloud and Service Providers, HP Software Marketing

Not providing a clean mobile app experience is risker than you think

ADM infographic 1.PNGMobile testing is a way to reduce product risks. Such risks may manifest themselves through faulty or missing features, insufficient performance, side effects to other apps on the same device and other product quality characteristics.


Keep reading to find out what you can do to alleviate these risks and protect your brand.

Mobilizing the enterprise to deliver stronger business outcomes

jennet Discover session.PNGAs we know, mobility is one of the hottest topics in the industry. Mobility has the potential to completely reinvent how we live and work. Its effect on our personal lives is irreversible, and there is still so much potential to exploit.


Keep reading to watch the video that was taken during the Mobility keynote session recorded this afternoon at HP Discover.

A day in the life of the mobile DevOps lifecycle

a day in the life of mobile delvelopment.PNGI sat down this morning with Ravit Danino, Director of Product Management, HP Software, to learn how to accelerate your application delivery cycles.


We recorded our engaging conversation and you can watch it here to discover how to achieve the agility and velocity you need to deliver amazing apps that delight your end users.

Get the latest in mobile on the Med

fira-bcn.jpgAs a California native who grew up near the beach I like to say that I run on salt water and sun. So when December hits, I can't think of a better place to be than the wonderful city of Barcelona with the sea breeze coming off the Mediterranean keeping me going. That's why I'm so happy that we are returning to Barcelona for HP Discover again this year, and it's looking to be bigger and better than ever. I've been working with the Mobility team on a lot of the planning and there is just some great stuff going on in this space. Be sure to check out all my sessions and everything HP has to offer in the mobile space! I've jotted down some of my thoughts as we get ready to head for the Med once again and continue the Enterprise Mobility journey.

14 steps to improve your Mobile Application Management

Applications are the future of software, and it is Barcelonacity.png
predicted that by 2020 there will be over 1 trillion
applications on the market!


Keep reading to find out how you can learn 14 ways to improve your mobile application management at HP Discover in Barcelona Dec 2-4.

Halloween on Social Media: make your brand more relevant?

The air is filled with spooky goblins and candy monsters. Your
company wants to make the most of the holiday movies-the-wizard-of-oz.jpgmomentum, but you don’t want to jeopardize your brand in the process.


Keep reading to find out how you can walk this fine line and be social for the holiday but still maintain your brand guidelines.

Rethinking the Plastics (Apps) Revolution

mobile application development.jpgIn “The Graduate”, the main character Benjamin has a deep conversation with Mr. McGuire about his future and what he should do next. In the conversation Mr. McGuire tells Benjamin to go into plastics.


I think the conversation would look different today. Keep reading to find out what I think McGuire would recommend today.

It's chaos out there. Is your content really safe and secure?

Today file sharing is typically like locking the front door
to your house and thinking everything is secure.  But
sharing files lock.jpgand content gives away control. 


In this webinar, we share key points about how to protect your files and content to truly embrace mobility and file sharing without losing control of your sensitive files and documents.

Mobile apps and 2.0…are you ready?

Now more than ever, people are accessing the Internet
through mobile devices, as opposed to PCs as they did mobile2.0.png
in the not so distant past. This trend continues to grow, and users expect mobile devices to access web content with the same ease and functionality as their old flame, the PC.

The trend has given rise to Mobile 2.0: the idea that the mobile devices will become the dominant method to access the web across the world.

BYOD adoption across Verticals, Part 2 of 2

Here’s part 2 of 2 of ‘BYOD adoption across vertical’.
In Part 1, we covered various verticals as healthcare,
manufacturing verticals.jpgand retail. In this second posting, we cover other verticals such as banking, financial services and the public sector.

The key highlight in this article is a snapshot of the BYOD implementation benefits these verticals will achieve via its adoption.

Keep reading to find out what BYOD has meant to these industries.   This post was written by fellow HP employee, Sashankh Kale, Market Research and Intelligent Chief Strategy Office.

BYOD adoption across Verticals, Part 1 of 2

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a corporate reality that is already
affecting virtually every business operating today. In city.jpgsome ways BYOD is inevitable, with businesses having little choice but to adapt to it. Consumer smartphones, tablets and laptops may eventually end the corporate mandating of employee devices.


Vast new markets will be impacted by this new adoption of BYOD, thus there are great opportunities in verticals.

This article was written by fellow HP employee, Sashankh Kale, Market Research and Intelligent Chief Strategy Office, where he shares his thoughts regarding some of the various verticals out there today.

How to design a mobile app that will keep your users “charmed”

While designing the  IT Executive Scorecard - new mobile app , I encountered a few challenges that are derived from the mobile domain. Read this post to learn how we turned
 the challenges to advantages with a sleek end result.  


 By: Mor Goldstein 

Agile + Mobile = Performance: 5 steps to improve performance

As mobile users, we want it perfect and we want it now! This is the all-encompassing user application mantra. App agilemountain.jpgdevelopers are having an increasingly difficult time keeping up with content devouring users, which is pushing app development deadlines to the absolute brink. This is in an attempt to keep users, both consumers and employees, satisfied.


Keep reading to find out how you can maintain this level of satisfaction with your mobile applications.

Enterprise mobile apps…what’s in store for the future?

Now more than ever, enterprises are feeling the push to scrap their legacy data systems in lieu of a mobile, cloud-based futureof.jpgstorage system. With the growing number of BYOD work policies, enterprises must cater to the needs of their employees and customers—instead of the other way around.


The pervasiveness of BYOD in the workplace--and outside of the workplace--has also spawned a move toward BYOA (Bring your own Application). With industry trends headed toward universal data access and app preference, best practice trends have surfaced to ensure that enterprises are keeping up and are ready for the future. These trends will alter the way employees perform their duties, where data and apps are stored, and how productivity and collaboration are measured.

Got 4 mins? Take this quick tour of HP Anywhere Studio

Are you looking for a beautiful user interface that is built upon a very

intuitive tool to create your mobile apps?hpstudio_1.jpg


If this sounds like you, then let me invite you to use the HP Anywhere Studio to quickly create HTML5/JavaScript-based mobile apps and deploy them on your own private HP Anywhere tenant in the cloud.


Continue reading to get a tour of the Studio which is accessed via a browser with zero installation and setup time!

Tags: HP Anywhere

Enterprises! Are you prepared for the Internet of Things?

Wireless devices are no longer confined to just laptops and mobile phones. There

are seemingly endless possibilities to iot.pngconnect computer-like devices to the ever-growing Internet infrastructure. This web of advanced devices, systems, and services that go beyond machine-to-machine communications is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).


Keep reading to find out how you can prepare for the deluge of devices that comes with the Internet of Things

BYOD: California ruling a wake-up call

BYOD.jpgThe recent ruling in California in the Cochran v. Schwan's Home Service case should be  a wakeup call for anyone dealing with BYOD in the enterprise, not just those in California. Though this case doesn't specifically call out data plans, it's a short leap from paying for cell minutes to data.



Keep reading to find out what this ruling means for you.



Why mobile apps need to update rapidly and evolve to meet user needs

customer_feedback.pngThe lifecycle of a mobile app doesn’t end once the app has been released.


Developers must continually monitor performance data, gather user feedback and conduct competitive analysis in order to keep enterprise level apps relevant to consumers and employees, as well as up to date with the latest technologies.


Keep reading to find out what you can do to make sure your customers are satisfied with your application. 

Why mobile apps need to go out the door with high quality

apps.jpgMobile apps are fast becoming the premier interface for customers, employees and enterprises alike. It has become the way they interact with your organization and the world.


Although mobile apps significantly increase the level of user interaction and accessibility to enterprise products and service by creating a more convenient user experience, they also present new challenges to developers.

A user centric approach to mobile application development

tire_swing.jpgTechnology is evolving at an increasing rate. As a result, products and software have also changed from stationary legacy systems to agile, portable devices and software that caters to the user.


Apps and devices now seamlessly factor in variables, such as the user’s location and proximity to friends to provide an effortless user experience. Additionally, employees increasingly use their personal mobile devices rather than devices dictated by management. But the true question is “How can I really think like a user during the development process?” Continue reading to find out how you can shift your thought process. 

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