How long does the upgrade process take from BAC to BSM?

by Community Manager on ‎11-30-2012 10:34 AM


I am curious to what other people experiences have been on how long it took them to go through all of the steps in the BSM Upgrade Wizard?   It is taking a very long time to for us to go past the "Configuration Upgrade" step of the process.


Asking this question you will get a different reply from each person asked. After going through the upgrad process from bac to bsm a bunch of times now in different customer environments i can say that it has been different every time. Best case with a rather small deployment was approximately 48 hours with some minor fixing in the DB. Worst case was about 6 weeks with a ongoing support case and complex database problems. on a very high level i would recommend these things:


- run the pre upgrad tool and fix the issues. and i mean really fix them

- go thourgh the upgrade process on your test/integration environment. the test environment should be as similar as possible.

- DO NOT change anything on the DB side while working on the upgrade. means do not upgrade or patch the DB at the same time.

- make sure to have vaild backups for the DB and for the server (VMs).


Also i would recommend to read the documentation for the upgrade. Solid planning and documentation can be a big help here.

by on ‎02-03-2014 04:46 AM

Even I am planning to upgrade from BAC 7.5 to BSM 9.22 .

Do we have any step -by step guide or process which we can follow...

Kindly share any document pertaining to the same..



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