HP Diagnostics Java Probe: Multiple 'Application Specific' configuration with the same installation

by on ‎07-24-2012 08:08 AM


Users require customized HP Diagnostics Java Probe configurations for there applicaiton, which MAY conflict with other Probe - JVM requirements on the same Host.


Use an 'Application Specific" probe configuration


If you also use a single installation of the HP Diagnostics Probe to host multiple JVM / Probes, you will find there are only a few changes that can be set per JVM.  All of which require adding setting on the command line of the JVM.


What if you could setup a specific set of the probes configuration files for an application?  What if you want to customize the metrics.config file used by once one application JVM on a host with 12 other JVM's on it?


Out of the Box HP Diagnostics Java probe only supports a JVM / Probe specific custom instrumentation file, or 'probe specific' 'points' file.


Well, we have done some testing on what so far as worked out to be a solution for customers that use a single Java probe installation for multiple JVMs on the same system.
Because we have a mix of different application's JVM’s on the same system, in some cases as many as 40 JVM’s per system, we needed a way to tailor especially the metrics.config file for each type of application.  We knew we could handle custom instrumentation (points files) with a {Probe_Name}.points file, but there seemed to be no solution to the metrics.config file customization.
As it turns out, if we customize the ‘modules.properties’ file that is located in the probes ../lib directory, we can make the probe load a different metrics.config file.  Of course to get the JVM to load the new modules.properties file, we must update the JVM commandline.  To each JVM’s command line we added:

                                                                                … app2 .. app3, etc.  (these ALL reside in the ../lib directory)

And we now only have to make these changes once.. We can update and edit the underlying configuration files as often as needed with out needing to further modify the command line. 


Also some Application servers, WebSphere as an example, support the use of Application server based variables on the JVM commandline, so that syntax could be:




We then created and distributed customized modules.properties.app1 .. 2 ..3 ..4 files to all of our host. Each modules.properties.appX file is customized point to a different metrics.config file (Metrics.App1, Metrics.App2, etc) and different probe.properties files, which in turn point to different auto_detect.points files.
There are actually 10 properties files called out in the modules properties file (WARNING: we have only so far tested changes to metric.config and probe.properties files)  you should be able to customized just about any probe settings by customizing these files.
And if you map into that list, the additional configuration files pointed to, inside of those files, we can actually customize 14 of the probes configuration files
probe.properties Internally has a variable for:
dispatcher.properties internally has variables for:

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