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need information on Sonic bus

Hi experts,



 need information on sonic bus.


what the role of sonic in BAC/BSM?

who does it help in data aggregration in BAC/BSM.?


is there any doc on this.





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Re: need information on Sonic bus

Why do you need this info?

It is like asking what is the role of DB in an application.

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Re: need information on Sonic bus



 Iam try to understand the flow. and how sonic bus works.






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Re: need information on Sonic bus

sonic is the internal communication channel used in bsm servers(gw & dps)


regarding data aggregation


BSM  uses data aggregation to make data handling and management more efficient and to improve the speed and performance of report generation. BSM data aggregation tasks are performed on the Data Processing Server.


BSM aggregates various types of data that it collects for reports (for example, response time data collected by Business Process Monitor, infrastructure machine performance data collected by SiteScope, and user traffic data collected by Real User Monitor). Data aggregation involves combining individual measurements into manageable chunks. The result is improved speed and performance of report generation.


BSM groups data into the following categories:

  • Raw data. The actual metrics collected by data collectors.
  • Fine aggregation granularity. Data grouped into hourly chunks.
  • Coarse aggregation granularity. Data grouped into daily chunks.

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Re: need information on Sonic bus

I think it will be best to start by undersatnding Publisher/Subscriber and Point-to-point messaging concepts in inter-object communications JMS, The bus requires a domain manager (DPS) and message broker on both ends (GW & DPS); so you may want to check the logs and enable debugging to get more verbosity of what takes place in BSM bus world .. how everything plays in BSM is a learning journey ... 



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Re: need information on Sonic bus



In earlier versions of BAC (like <7.5) it was called BUS. Back then, it was Mercury's creation and BUS was based on C. After HP's acquisition, they decided to use an external, third-party product called Sonic BUS - based on java.

What you need to know about bus:


* Sonic bus is the bridge between your BSM Gateway and Data Processing servers

* Data from your Data Collectors (BPM, RUM, SiteScope, Diagnostics, OMW/U etc.) comes to your Gateway server and goes to the Sonic BUS. From there, different components catch the data and use it for their own purpose:

    - db_loader inserts this raw data in your Profile database, so it can be used for reports for example. Based on this data, you get aggregated data. No data from db_loader, no reports.

    - the MARBLE (former online_engine) components of BSM use the Sonic BUS to catch your data and color your views (Dashboard/Service Health).

* Sonic BUS mainly consists of two parts - Message Broker and Domain Manager. MB is located on both Gateway and Data Processing servers, whereas the DM resides only on the Data Processing one. Your data is being transferred between the MB of the two servers.

* Message Broker and Domain Manager work by default on respectively ports 2507 and 2506. Sonic BUS also uses a wide range of dynamic ports.

* Sonic BUS has its own local database (on the BSM file system) - the information that goes to it is not stored in the Database server!

* If you access your BSM servers, go to Start > Programs > Progress, you will find the Sonic BUS management console (press ok to login). From here, you can manage and view the data that is in the Sonic BUS queues.


The Sonic BUS application is a very sensitive one. Always proceed with caution when working with it and avoid any modification, unless you are 100% aware of what you are doing or you are instructed by Support.







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Re: need information on Sonic bus



Thanks Parker & Stanislav,


The information is very valuable and help full.


Thanks & regards


Vijay Bhatkande

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