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Query on Outage reports

Hi Experts,


I am using outage(Outage Distribution, Outage Summary) reports in BAC 8.03 and need to understand a concept.


Suppose, there is a profile running in BAC. We name it as "Profile ". And it has a transaction which we name as "Trans".

Now "Trans" starts failing at 11.02 AM  and next transaction runs at 11:22 AM which passes the transaction.

Now, When I see Outage Summary report for this profile, it says that there was an outage from 11:00 AM to 11:25 AM.


My question here is, in actual the profile started failing at 11:02 AM why outage summary report showed that it started failing at 11:00 AM, why it took previous 2 minutes also in outage consideration and the same for when transaction passes, it considered next 3 minutes.


My assumption is that it is summary(which consider near about time/absolute value) report or BAC may have some calculation cycle which is of 5 minutes interval. But still i need to know how and where i can see/show this configuration.


What is the exact logic behind it?


Thanks & Best Regards,




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Re: Query on Outage reports

You didnt specify what is the outage rule you were using, but my guess it is based on availability.

Outage is calculated in 5 minutes granularity, so in the calculation of 11-11:05 the availability was less than 100% which means outage started. SLM doesnt know (or care) in the exact minute and this is the reason you see outage started at 11:00. Outage ended during the calculation of 11:25-11:30 (this is the first time that availability was 100% again) and this is the reason you see outage endded at 11:25.


AFAIR, there is NO infrastructure setting that determine the number of calculation units within the 1 hour, so it is always calculating in 5 minutes cycles.


let me know if you need more info.

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Re: Query on Outage reports

Thanks Asaf for the concept.

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