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Log File Monitoring Question

I have a one line log file that contains information on the most recent test that was run.  I know the log file monitor will return me the contents of the line - I have it doing that.  But when I run a report I am only able to see the results of the last test.  I had a script monitor running with my Linux version and when I did a report I saw the contents that was returned by the script on each test in the report.  I am converting to Windows and I can, I suppose, convert my perl script to a BAT script but was thinking Log File monitor might be more correct.  Am I just hitting a limitation of the monitor?  If I ask for details when I do the report I see the 4 fields I am returning (with my regex) but they are not populated.


This is the file I am reading

RESTORED;0;2011/07/13 10:37:27;2011/07/13 10:37:37 


This is the regex I am using - and it seems to be working (I have defined 4 field names to match the returned values)

/(\w+);(\d+);(\d\d\d\d/\d\d/\d\d \d\d:\d\d:\d\d);(\d\d\d\d/\d\d/\d\d \d\d:\d\d:\d\d)/


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