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Downtime manager query



I have BSM 9.22 integrated with OMW. Both on Windows.



When an event comes on OM for a server, there are 2 time mentioned in OMW i.e. "Created Time" and "Received Time".

1) What time does BSM downtime manager will consider from "Created Time" and "Received Time" of that event came at OMW, if both have a difference of around 1 day?


Suppose created time - 1/18/2014 08:35:24 AM PST

Received Date: 1/19/2014 11:53:03 AM PST


2) If suppose, I have a downtime configured to suppressed alerting for that server from 1/19/2014 11:00:00 AM PST for 2 hours. The alerts were not suppresed and had gone out to customers.

What could be the issue, was downtime considering created time and it didn't suppressed alert?


3) What could be the reason that OM agent sent the few messages after 1 day? There were only few messages that came so late while other messages were coming fine.


Please suggest.


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Re: Downtime manager query

Regarding the event attributes :

Time Created: Date and time when the event was created by the source (for example OM agent)

Time Received: Date and time when the event was received (by OM server)

When Time Created is (far) behind Time Received, the OM agent (or other source) may have been buffering messages (might be due to network problems) or other system problems where the OM agent runs.

Please check the following sections from the BSM online help, about Downtime:

Platform Administration > Downtime Management > Downtime Management Overview

Application Administration > System Availability Management > Connecting SiteScope to a BSM Server > CI Downtime

Application Administration > Operations Management > Event Automation > Downtime Behavior

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Re: Downtime manager query

OMi uses Create Time when checking downtime behavior.

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