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Improve your agile quality strategy with HP Agile Manager

Agile Manager money.jpgYour organization’s success depends on flexibility and ability to rapidly adapt to market trends, and innovate faster. Looking within your organization, it also depends on increased business efficiency and effectiveness. These two can—and need to be—achieved together.


Keep reading to find out how you can improve your agile strategy and improve your organization’s outlook as a result.

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💪 Are You an Agile Superhero?

AgileSuperhero_v11.jpgWe’re packing our bags for Agile 2015 in Maryland next week. HP Software is a Gold Sponsor for the 13th annual Agile 2015 Conference. This is the largest Agile software event in the world. This insightful event is sold out and will host over 2,200 attendees, including  executives, product managers developers consultants and academics. Over 200 Agile experts, practitioners, thought leaders, authors, and innovators will speak.

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DevOps: Get your application integration on... continuously

Lion.jpgDevOps is big, new, sexy and utterly terrifying if you look at the whole of it… so don’t, look at the parts.


Today let’s take a look at Continuous Integration and why I think it is a good place to start on your DevOps journey. (And you will find out what this lion has to do with DevOps!)

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Are you ready to deliver amazing apps fast with confidence? Race for the stars in VR at HP Discover

race for the stars banner.jpgHave you had the opportunity to play with the latest generation of Virtual Reality? Join us at HP Discover for your chance to experience Google Cardboard.


Keep reading to learn more about our Race for the Stars challenge at the DevOps area in the Discover Zone!

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Your agile backlog of sessions at HP Discover Las Vegas 2015

AgendaThere’s a lot of buzz around Agile at HP Discover 2015 and there are many different sessions to attend where you can get a comprehensive view of the Agile methodology at work. 


To make it easier for you to decide how to plan your daily sprints, I’ve created a backlog full of different sessions on Agile for you to attend at the conference.

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Discover how TriZetto empowered responsiveness with Agile Manager

TriZetto Video.PNGWith 50 percent of the American insurance claims going through their software, healthcare IT solutions company TriZetto saw increasing market expectations to release and respond faster to meet customer needs. They saw the need for application teams to build in processes and capabilities to deliver new and faster software capabilities. 

Continue reading to find out how HP Agile Manager empowers TriZetto to meet these demands.


Guest post by Tye Davis, Sr Product Marketing Manager

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Agility requires decisions be made using the right data—new JIRA adapter for ALM to the rescue

The best decisions in business begin with the best data.


And with the current speed of IT, the best data isn’t necessarily available—so teams are forced to work with data that is not the most reliable.




Thankfully, there is an easy way to collect this data with HP Applications Lifecycle Management. Keep reading to find out how the new JIRA adapter can help you

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The 12 days of Christmas—as told by an Agile team on a two-week sprint

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year from the team at HP Software!  Follow us @HPSoftwareALM





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User story: Agile Manager’s newest feature, segregated workspaces

download.jpgSegregation has never been good, but it is now being used within Agile teams. These teams recognize that not all teams are created equal or use the same tools. These teams have different maturity, process, structure and of course strategy goals and levels.


Whether the duration of your sprints differ or you just simply need your own space, Agile Manager’s new workspace capability allows teams to set themselves apart while still maintaining the structure and a common thread throughout agile teams. It means an end to segregation within your teams


Continue reading to learn more about how to integrate your agile environments while still maintaining the individuality of your agile teams.

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Agile Manager user story: the selection process

agile-1.pngHave you thought about agile management tools to help you with the growing demand within your development teams? Tools that can also integrate with more traditional waterfall, iterative, hybrid methodologies?


It’s not just looking at management tools for agile, you need to understand how they will interact within your environment—as well as across your teams. It is also vital to get an understanding of how they interact with each other—from planning to implementation and beyond.


Keep reading to find out what you need to know to truly understand the impact of agile development.


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Calling all agile team members. Make your sprints more effective

How hard is it to include load and performance testing in your sprints?StormRunnerLoad-2.png


Pretty darn hard - right?


The code's not ready...  The performance testers / engineers aren't available.   You don't have access to LoadRunner.


There's lots of reasons why you might not be doing performance testing.   Well, there's a storm coming.. .a storm that will help you take control and test what you want and when you want...  Keep reading to learn more.

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SDLC Automation Solution, (release management) Henry Ford style

xx.pngHow do project managers or business units see an application update or an upgrade initiative? Once the project is underway what are the typical types of communication and reporting that go on during a specific initiative?  Does the business really have visibility within the SDLC process and does the PMO office have the capability of real-time project reporting? 


Let me ask just one more question: Do you currently have automated project planning and tracking across the SDLC process? Keep reading to find out why this is so important. 

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Exploratory testing in an Agile environment – Part 3 of 3

Exploratory testing is a technique for getting rapid feedback from an application under test, by simultaneously learning, designing tests and executing tests.  This is the final part in a three-part weekly series on exploratory testing in an Agile environment.  Continue reading to learn when to use exploratory testing.


This post was written by Noy Bar from the Customer Success team.

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Exploratory testing in an Agile environment – Part 2 of 3

Exploratory testing focuses on test design and execution, bug investigation and reporting, and setting up the session in order to do the testing.  This is the second in a three-part weekly series on exploratory testing in an Agile environment.  Continue reading to learn about some of the practical aspects of exploratory testing.


This post was written by Noy Bar from the Customer Success team.

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Exploratory testing in an Agile environment – Part 1 of 3

Exploratory testing was born out of ad hoc testing, which is seen as unstructured, sloppy and careless testing performed by unskilled testers, without any planning or documentation.  The term ‘exploratory testing’ was coined to emphasize the fact that structured thought processes are involved, differentiating it from ad hoc testing. 


This is the first in a three-part weekly series on exploratory testing in an Agile environment.  Continue reading to find out more about exploratory testing, where it came from, and its characteristics.


This post was written by Noy Bar from the Customer Success team.

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Agile and the Enterprise Part 2: Agile Quality Management

A typical Enterprise is a monolith of an organization that employs thousands of people, serves millions of customers and is always bound to government regulations and audits. These organizations often contain large and complex (and often rather old) IT systems backing its myriad of products, services and business processes.


What do Agile development methods mean for these organizations?  Keep reading to find out how Enterprises can benefit from an Agile Methodology. 

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Agile and the Enterprise Part 1: Project and Portfolio Management

A typical Enterprise is a monolith of an organization that employs thousands of people, serves millions of customers and is always bound to government regulations and audits. These organizations often contain large and complex (and often rather old) IT systems backing its myriad of products, services and business processes.


What do Agile development methods mean for these organizations?  Keep reading to find out how Enterprises can incorporate Agile. 

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Applications teams—join me at HP Discover to discuss and debate being Agile, not Fragile

Join  me at HP Discover and attend a session on Wednesday, June 12th, at 10:30 am in Murano 3201 to discuss, learn and debate the challenges of delivering applications faster with high quality.  We will share our POV, best practices and tips for software tools. We will discuss how to leverage software tools to drive better collaboration, faster cycle time and higher quality.  We will also address the new technology challenges that come from going mobile, adopting Agile methodology and embracing cloud.



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“Cliff Notes” Recap and Q&A-- Mastering Agile Development and Testing with HP Software executives

Did you miss Mastering Agile Development and Testing in the Brave New World of Mobile and Cloud applications webcast with HP executives Ajei Gopal and Matt Morgan on March 14th?   No worries as we have multiple ways to recap the timely and useful insights and interaction that occurred during the Web event and following Tweet Chat.   We are providing three ways to catch up “cliff notes style”. 

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4 steps for developers and testers to create composite applications that are "Agile" not "fragile"

Getting ahead of developing and testing today's composite applications is like getting ahead of urban sprawl… we need help from technology and practices; it can’t be managed with brute force.  Agile development and testing teams need to plan for and implement 4 key steps to ensure their composite applications function, perform and are secure.


Keep reading to uncover the four steps to take now to prepare for testing in today’s environment.

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Got 30 minutes? Hear HP Senior VP and GM Ajei Gopal insights on Today’s Application Challenges

Spend 30 minutes with HP and we'll share our vision, insights and a focused look at HP software innovations to help you and your teams deliver modern-- cloud, mobile, composite -- applications faster while maintaining high quality.   You may know HP as a leader in application software quality, let us share with you our innovations and solutions going well beyond to address today's Agile teams developing, testing and continuously delivering the user-centric software to delight your users and business needs.

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Agile: revolutionizing your environment in 3 ways

T-image__sw__overview__bb__agile_accelerator__small__153x115--C-tcm245-947374--CT-tcm245-1237012-32.gifIntegrating new software in your IT environment can be difficult—but the benefits outweigh the challenges. The benefits of Agile manager are especially felt in small and medium businesses—even with their unique challenges.

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Keep your head in the clouds with Agile—no matter your size

ic_visibility2_210_tcm_245_1336308.pngCreating and managing an Agile project seems to be simple enough. Now, what complexities do you add in a distributed environment that spans six continents? What happens when you include cultural and linguistic barriers—chaos I tell you.


Setting up an agile environment for small to medium companies.

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HP Software Speeds Hybrid and Cloud Composite Application Development and Testing

SpeedandPerformance.jpgToday, HP is pleased to announce HP Service Virtualization 2.3, newly enhanced virtual application services software that helps development and testing teams rapidly respond to enterprise demands to deliver innovative, new business processes.    



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Building agile apps or a house of cards? Test now, test later -- either way, you need to test

This article takes a look at how testing is critical, now more than ever, as teams try to deliver faster.  And, how investing in testing skills, tools and a methodology will pay back in spades to ensure applications are delivered with speed and quality.

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In case you missed it... Agile and Mobile, new tools to help us keep pace...

In this short article, I'm pointing to two announcements made this past week around burning platforms-- testing mobile applications and helping teams manage their agile projects.  If you are like me, your head is spinning with the pace of change and technology innovation and just keeping track of what's out there to  help, is a challenge.   Consider this your "cliff notes" on two announcements that just happened that may be of keen interest...

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What is Grey Box Testing? How can it help you?

thCAHLW1O2.jpgI have always dreamed of being a contestant on “Jeopardy”. I can imagine myself being $10,000 ahead of the next competitor and having Alex Trebek ask, “For $1000, can Software Testing group survive and improve on the SDLC process in 2013?” My answer? Alex, “What is grey box testing”


Everyone in the testing industry has learned, heard, or used white box or black box methods of testing. But how many been trained, heard or used the step-brother method of testing—grey box testing or what is sometime called translucent testing?

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Wanted: beta testers for new Agile development SaaS tool

By Phil Nguyen, HP Software Community Director




HP has launched the public beta for HP Agile Manager, a new SaaS offering that can help application development teams organize, plan, and execute Agile projects.

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New @ HP Discover - a special track for the development team

It’s that time of the year again, June is around the corner meaning HP Discover, one of the leading technology conferences in the industry, is coming up.


At HP we see the walls separating development teams and QA teams crumbling, and testing and development growing closer together. Agile, test driven development, context aware coding and continues integration are leading to close partnership between Dev and QA.


Following market needs HP Software has invested heavily in building the right solutions to foster collaboration between Dev and QA teams, support the development manager and to bring developers to the ALM fold to leverage the benefits of the ALM solution.



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