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SDLC Automation Solution, (Overview) Henry Ford style

wheel.pngTearing down the walls of an antiquated and archaic process and replacing it with automation and integration can be a complicated process. The automated assembly line for cars in 1908 taught us that the key to this revolutionary idea was its simplicity. Now it is your turn to streamline the supply chain of applications, Ford style!

Watershed World Quality Report illuminates growing importance and challenges for testing teams

For five years now, Cap Gemini, Sogeti and HP have engaged a large population of quality professionals to introspect, analyze and document the state of Quality Assurance across global organizations. Today, we announce the availability of the fifth annual World Quality Report—the preeminent study of quality practices, maturity, successes and challenges facing business and government organizations world-wide.  In this blog, I’m summarizing the key insights from this report regarding QA’s position in IT and with the business, best practice adoption, successes and challenges.


Got change? Spend a half day on-line with apps visionaries and experts for winning insights in ALM


Change is the name of the game in mastering the ability to deliver applications quickly, with high quality, that will also delight the business.   I invite you to come hear from leading visionaries, analysts and successful practitioners as they share best practices, insights and actionable information to help you up the odds by changing with the pace of demand and delivering winning solutions.  


Continue reading to find out what you will learn at  the free  -- HP Power to Change virtual conference, Sept 10th and Oct 1st.



Exploratory testing in an Agile environment – Part 3 of 3

Exploratory testing is a technique for getting rapid feedback from an application under test, by simultaneously learning, designing tests and executing tests.  This is the final part in a three-part weekly series on exploratory testing in an Agile environment.  Continue reading to learn when to use exploratory testing.


This post was written by Noy Bar from the Customer Success team.

Exploratory testing in an Agile environment – Part 2 of 3

Exploratory testing focuses on test design and execution, bug investigation and reporting, and setting up the session in order to do the testing.  This is the second in a three-part weekly series on exploratory testing in an Agile environment.  Continue reading to learn about some of the practical aspects of exploratory testing.


This post was written by Noy Bar from the Customer Success team.

Exploratory testing in an Agile environment – Part 1 of 3

Exploratory testing was born out of ad hoc testing, which is seen as unstructured, sloppy and careless testing performed by unskilled testers, without any planning or documentation.  The term ‘exploratory testing’ was coined to emphasize the fact that structured thought processes are involved, differentiating it from ad hoc testing. 


This is the first in a three-part weekly series on exploratory testing in an Agile environment.  Continue reading to find out more about exploratory testing, where it came from, and its characteristics.


This post was written by Noy Bar from the Customer Success team.

Applications teams—join me at HP Discover to discuss and debate being Agile, not Fragile

Join  me at HP Discover and attend a session on Wednesday, June 12th, at 10:30 am in Murano 3201 to discuss, learn and debate the challenges of delivering applications faster with high quality.  We will share our POV, best practices and tips for software tools. We will discuss how to leverage software tools to drive better collaboration, faster cycle time and higher quality.  We will also address the new technology challenges that come from going mobile, adopting Agile methodology and embracing cloud.



Learning from the past to improve the SDLC process of today

hp3.jpgWhen Henry Ford developed the modern-day assembly line over 100 years ago, it became the catalyst for what we now know as our global economy. The key to this revolutionary idea was its simplicity. HP has taken the same approach to the application lifecycle development process.

Functional Testing and Self-Actualization—Embrace a framework for success

Never before has there been as strong a need for test automation to keep up with the rate of change in new Agile, mobile application scenarios.  We believe cracking the code on automation starts with embracing a holistic approach. In this article, we introduce and discuss a testing maturity model that leverages existing assets and skilled resources. And have  bit of fun along the way aligning testing maturity with Maslow's hieirarchy of needs.  Explore the concept with us and read below...

Automation Testing: Why are we making it so complex? Part 3: Just the automation facts ma’am

BSP_Pict.jpgWith more and more test automation inside companies now, why has the automation itself become so complex?  It almost rivals the system it is testing. 


Here we will talk about the issues with complexity, the pitfalls of this approach and why the ‘Keep it Simply Simple’ style of automation development needs to be resurrected and embraced.  Today I want to talk about what we should be asking from our teams for us to begin automation.

Automation Testing: Why are we making it so complex? Part 2: all modules big and small

With more and more test automation inside companies now, why has automation itself become so complex? It now almost rivals the system it is testing?  In this blog series , we will talk about the issues with complexity, the pitfalls of this complex approach and why the ‘Keep it Simply Simple’ style of automation development needs to be resurrected and embraced.  Today, let’s look at modularity within Automation Testing

Got 30 minutes? Hear HP Senior VP and GM Ajei Gopal insights on Today’s Application Challenges

Spend 30 minutes with HP and we'll share our vision, insights and a focused look at HP software innovations to help you and your teams deliver modern-- cloud, mobile, composite -- applications faster while maintaining high quality.   You may know HP as a leader in application software quality, let us share with you our innovations and solutions going well beyond to address today's Agile teams developing, testing and continuously delivering the user-centric software to delight your users and business needs.

HP Software Speeds Hybrid and Cloud Composite Application Development and Testing

SpeedandPerformance.jpgToday, HP is pleased to announce HP Service Virtualization 2.3, newly enhanced virtual application services software that helps development and testing teams rapidly respond to enterprise demands to deliver innovative, new business processes.    



All the rock stars in HP Software Development aligned in one place—and me!

background-example-wht-logo-blu-bg.pngIf the sky had fallen on the Vivit Lounge today at HP Discover, it could have taken some big movers and shakers in the world of Application Development management—oh, and me too!

Discover the hottest topics in the industry! List of Apps sessions

With 111 Software sessions to choose from, HP Discover 2012 is the showcase technology event for business and IT professionals to get information that will make your ideas real, make them better, make them matter.


Take a look at these Software sessions listed below on the hottest topics in the industry today and be sure to join us in Frankfurt to discover new ways to make technology work for you!


If you are registered for HP Discover 2012 Frankfurt, you can now reserve your spot in the sessions of your choice. As you know sessions can fill quickly, reserve your sessions now to have the widest selection.


Login to access the Session Scheduler.


Not yet registered? Register now for the event and book your sessions


Creating a masterpiece; a second set of eyes in the testing and developing arena

 thCAZAMPYG.jpgImagine the potential for your IT organization if the Development and Testing groups worked in complete harmony or is your teams relationship built critism.


Could Grey Box testing provide the platform for Synchronization in IT?

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HP Helps Organizations Speed Time-to-Market for High-Performing Mobile Applications

Mobile.jpgAfter collaborating for many years with Shunra, we are excited to announce a new HP Software offering that helps accelerate the development and deployment of high-quality mobile applications by automating real-world mobile network conditions. The new mobile performance testing solution, Shunra Network Virtualization,  extends the HP Mobile Testing set of offerings to help organizations to meet the demands of an anytime, anywhere mobile world.

It can be done: Speed delivery of business applications with an astute application of automation

Learn how BlackRock, a Global Investment Management company, has balanced the goal of speed against the need for optimal quality by applying automation throughout a managed application lifecycle.   Speedy delivery of rock-solid applications, that's a good investment!

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Defining a Project in Application Lifecycle Management or Quality Center


Would you use words like continuous or insightful to describe the topology of your project within ALM or QC and does it reflect the current state of your applications, or does your projects within ALM seem disjointed or fragmented with no clear direction?      

What do Usain Bolt, Application Innovation and Software Testing have in common? Speed and Quality

In this climate of faster, faster, faster, does speed trump quality?  This blog explores the healthy tension that needs to exist between quality and speed of delivery and asks the question, should Dev-Ops be renamed, Dev-Test-Ops to ensure successful delivery of applications to the business?

Tags: ALM| devops| quality
Labels: ALM| DevOps| quality

Tectonic Shift: The Risks and Opportunities of DevOps

CodePicture.jpgHaving spent twenty years in the software and information technology industry, I have garnered immense respect for the complexities of ensuring quality in application software. For those who have earned such years in IT (and the grey hair to go with it), I am certain there is general agreement that role of quality has been on a growth vector within IT throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

Newly emerging DevOps trends threaten to transform how quality is practiced in software development practices -- this post explores this trend and HP's new solutions designed to optimize DevOps in modern IT organizations.

New @ HP Discover - a special track for the development team

It’s that time of the year again, June is around the corner meaning HP Discover, one of the leading technology conferences in the industry, is coming up.

At HP we see the walls separating development teams and QA teams crumbling, and testing and development growing closer together. Agile, test driven development, context aware coding and continues integration are leading to close partnership between Dev and QA.


Following market needs HP Software has invested heavily in building the right solutions to foster collaboration between Dev and QA teams, support the development manager and to bring developers to the ALM fold to leverage the benefits of the ALM solution.


In honor of the 12 days of Christmas: My 12 predictions for the IT Application space in 2012

In this forward looking editorial, I'm sharing my 12 predictions for the IT Application landscape in 2012.. Everything from Cloud to mobile, to SOA to the Polar shift is addressed... feedback is more than welcome!!

New CIO Research: The Top Five Causes of IT Project Failures

After years of slow progress on improving success rates in application software development, a new report called Strategies for Project Recovery reveals that, as an industry, IT organizations are regressing.  This post explore the findings of this report.

Cloud Options: Learn about HP ALM SaaS for Application Transformation Projects

My good friend and colleague Antoine Aymer, SaaS Product Marketing Manager for HP Application Lifecycle Management Software as a Service will be conducting a free webinar on how IT organizations can turn to HP hosted resources to jump-start application projects.  If you are looking at SaaS solutions, but are disappointed that most are light-weight and silo'd in focus, then you should sign up.

Enterprise Mobile Apps and Application Modernization

This post explores how HP Customers tell us that Enteprise Mobile Applications are becoming a forcing-function for legacy modernization.  We look at a customer who is using HP Application Lifecycle Management to ensure quality and performance of an application modernization project involving mobile apps.  We also look at the Quality and Performance challenges associated with such applications.

A Fast Application is a Fast Business. Seriously.

In my previous posts, I have made several references to how our customers tell me that application modernization projects are about end-to-end business processes.   The days of building "silo'd" applications serving a single line of business or function are going away.   This post is quotes a CIO talking about how performance validation is a needed part of ALM.

Reader Feedback: “Modernization is about Driving Competitive Advantages”

On Monday, I wrote a blog post on notes from my listening tour where I learned that HP customers have shifted their conversation about the business drivers of new projects.  The high-order business driver is all about responding to competitive pressure.    Here is your feedback.

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