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DevOps: Getting Started on the Journey

DevOps Elephant.PNGDevOps is big, new, sexy and utterly terrifying if you look at the whole of it… so don’t, look at the parts instead.


Keep reading to find out how I recommend you remove the fear from DevOps and work the concepts into your environment. (And why this elephant is sitting at the top of this blog.)

3 key Insights to Fuel your Apps for the Idea Economy

Discover lobby 2.PNGWhew, last week was quite a whirlwind. If you weren’t there, HP Discover was electric. I attended the event “virtually”, but I still followed along and I am so excited about the future of apps in the idea economy.


Keep reading to find out the three main insights I gleaned from the event.

Increase your understanding of DevOps in 15 minutes

DevOps booth.PNGThe second day of HP Discover is wrapping up and I am encouraged by the conversations I am having with customers and with attendees. They are telling me that they appreciate HP’s view on DevOps and how we are working hard to show it as a complete package to increase speed to market.


Keep reading to find out how you can learn more about DevOps, look beyond the trends and really discover the potential for yourself.

3 “Can’t miss” DevOps sessions at HP Discover

DevOps at HP Discover.PNGI am walking around the Sands Convention Center and the excitement for HP Discover is humming. The final touches are being put on the show floor and everyone is ready to display what HP Has been working on.


Keep reading to find out what three sessions focused on DevOps that you need to add to your session scheduler (if you haven’t already).

Are you ready to deliver amazing apps fast with confidence? Race for the stars in VR at HP Discover

race for the stars banner.jpgHave you had the opportunity to play with the latest generation of Virtual Reality? Join us at HP Discover for your chance to experience Google Cardboard.


Keep reading to learn more about our Race for the Stars challenge at the DevOps area in the Discover Zone!

Are you all about apps and mobile? Learn about the one session you can’t afford to miss!

how to tame app delivery in the wild west of mobile.pngWe are T-minus five days and counting before HP’s largest user conference of the year, HP Discover in Las Vegas, NV. This year’s event runs from June 2-4th. I’m hoping you are packing your bags and heading west (Or east if you are on the West Coast) for a wild week full of discovery, insight, demonstration, debate and learning.


Vegas is not just the scene of the Wild West stories, it is also the stage for the most interesting keynote of them all. Apps are moving and changing faster than the score in an NBA championship basketball game and if you are aiming to be an “Application Warrior” (no pun intended) this is the “key” keynote to pencil in your schedule.

Keep reading to learn more.

Get the latest buzz on Application Delivery Management!

adm cowboy.jpgThe fast pace of digital business innovation is dizzying and sometimes it can feel like a Wild West for applications teams. This is true whether you are in development, testing, DevOps, architecture or are a business analyst.


When you attend HP Discover, June 2-4 in Las Vegas you can learn how to keep pace with these trends.

Your agile backlog of sessions at HP Discover Las Vegas 2015

AgendaThere’s a lot of buzz around Agile at HP Discover 2015 and there are many different sessions to attend where you can get a comprehensive view of the Agile methodology at work. 


To make it easier for you to decide how to plan your daily sprints, I’ve created a backlog full of different sessions on Agile for you to attend at the conference.

Which character will you identify with? Meet the different personalities of DevOps

Pixel People.PNGThe DevOps area at HP Discover promises to be an amazing experience for attendees. This is not your traditional booth, this is an interactive experience that will take you on a journey through the power of DevOps in the environment.


Keep reading to find out how this nine-step journey might just be your first step to removing headaches and bottlenecks within your app development process.

HP SaaS Technical Webinar Series for HP ALM, QC and PC

HP SaaS Technical webinar series.jpgHELP!! Have you ever wanted to call for help when you face a challenge? Be it hanging from the side of a cliff or when your computer flashes the “blue screen of death”.


Continue reading to learn more about our upcoming SaaS Technical Webinar Series for HP Application Lifecycle Management, Quality Center and Performance Center where you can get the guidance you are looking for and the help you need.


Guest post by Petri Maanonen,

Solution Manager - Application Lifecycle Management
HP Software as Service

DevOps making you dizzy? Get clarity at HP Discover!

DevOps Icon.pngIs your head spinning from the constant pressure from your business partners to go faster? The reality is that the speed of the market is increasing and IT is often the slowest part of business innovation. DevOps is a key strategy and approach to accelerate IT and deliver at the speed of the business.


Keep reading to find out how to utilize DevOps within your organization…and how you can learn more about DevOps at HP Discover.

The online ALM expert week is coming! Join the action here!

quality center support.PNGThe ALM 12 suite of products was released at the end of March and now we are hosting an entire Online Expert WEEK dedicated to ALM.


Continue reading to find out how to join us.


Guest post by Bill Groot, Software Support Program Manager

HP LoadRunner and Quality Center go #1 and #2 in IT Central Station’s “Top Testing Tools”ranking

race horses.jpgSimilar to Churchill Downs, IT Central Station has a history built on tradition and friendly, yet fierce competition. A highly trusted resource for computing software product reviews on information technology, IT Central Station has announced HP LoadRunner and HP Quality Center as the top two load testing tools for 2015.


Keep reading to find out what this ranking means.

Top 10 Discover theater sessions not to miss at HP Discover Las Vegas 2015

If you are going to HP Discover in Las Vegas* in the first week of June, you’ll already know that there’s a large number of sessions that you can choose to attend.  I’ve put together a list of my top ten Discover Theater sessions for the hottest trends in Application Delivery Management today to make it easier for you to choose.


Each of these sessions is 30 minutes long and is delivered in a lecture theater right in the middle of the main Discover exhibition floor.  Each session has awesome acoustics, letting you hear every word.  It’s a great experience!

ADM on the road again! @ StarEast, SAP Sapphire, Microsoft Ignite and Global Scrum Phoenix



Next week, the HP Software ADM team is going on tour-- enlisted four virtual tour buses to hit a wide array of industry events and gatherings that act as a microcosm of the New Style of IT. HP Software ADM will be at:


  1. STAREast Orlando – to discuss and demonstrate the latest innovations in all things quality and testing with a special focus on the unique set of challenges brought to you by mobile

Read more about what we are doing at STAREast in our blog here.


  1. Microsoft Ignite—to show the speed, simplicity and scalability when innovative performance testing meets the cloud and join our StormRunner Load contest, read more here.
  2. SAP Sapphire to show how to empower your testing teams for the challenge of SAP innovation at Agile speed. Check out the agenda at SAP Sapphire Now
  3. Global Scrum Alliance in Phoenix to show how to accelerate your passion for Agile—tool up your scrum teams for agile, not fragile and scale across teams to deliver true business agility in your enterprise. If you are attending the sold out event, check out the agenda here: Global SCRUM GATHERING

Join the conversation and come by the HP booth at all four events!

STAREAST Here We Come! 3 Must Attend Sessions, and Margaritas!!!

StarEastBanner w. HP.pngSTAREAST (Software Testing Analysis & Review East) is the premier event for software testers and quality assurance professionals. The event covers all your testing needs with 100+ learning and networking opportunities:


Keep reading to find out how to connect with us and to learn about what sessions the team will be presenting.

E2E Testing— Day in a life of the application tester

SAP Sapphire.PNGThe challenge of the application tester in end-to-end testing is to test a specific business case from start to finish. This process includes the running of interfaces, reports, manual inputs, workflow, mobile, risk of cloud, security and hybrid devices. The purpose of carrying out end-to-end tests is to simulate a real world business process in order to make it as real as possible. To accomplish this you need to make sure the testing is done using the most realistic conditions.


Keep reading to find out how you can get a demo at SAP Sapphire Now of HP’s ALM software solution which can help you with your testing challenges.


Guest post by Peter Kreienbring, SAP Technical Alliance Manager

3 things YOU can do to improve traceability in the SDLC process

traceability.pngIt is estimated that for every six lines of code written-- a minimum of one to three paragraphs are required to describe a single business rule or process. This is especially true if your traceability matrix does not exist or takes the form of some static document within tools such as Excel.


If your client/business partner tends to be a major chokepoint (as well as a point of contention) I believe you should continue to read this article to learn how to improve traceability in the SDLC process.


I know it has been awhile since I wrote my last article. To make amends, I have included a piece of workflow that could help with making the requirements module more effective.


New Style of IT and App Delivery Management—Mobile meets the mission at the HP Government Summit

Government Summit 15.PNGOn April 7th, 2015, our HP Software Application Delivery Management team is taking part in the fifth annual HP US Government Summit in Washington D.C. We know that mobile is impacting the commercial sector and this is a great opportunity to see how mobile and ADM are impacting governmental agencies.


Keep reading to find out more about the hottest topics in government and why I think it’s even more important to get ahead of these new capacities and best practices in the government domain.

Kick-off Spring and your software testing in San Diego with STP Con 2015!

STP Conference.pngThe Software Testing Professionals Conference is all about you the tester, and focuses on helping you and your organization improve your testing practices.


This is why the HP ADM team is so excited for this event. Keep reading to find out how you can connect with us this week in San Diego.

Accelerate and scale Agile mobile application delivery: What’s new in ALM 12.2 and Agile Manager

Agile Manager board.pngThe newly released ALM 12.2 and Agile Manager 2.3 help you achieve Agile delivery at scale, taking Agile testing and delivery management from the team to the release to deliver amazing mobile apps fast.

Keep reading to find out how they help you deliver consistently at Agile speed, enabling you to blend traditional and new delivery processes and scale to the enterprise using our SAFe-certified portfolio.

New HP Software Innovations unlock treasures to deliver 5-star Mobile Apps fast with confidence

deliver amazing mobile apps.pngIf Mobile is “eating the world”, Application teams need to tool up to get ahead of it and turn an opportunity into a treasure chest of business success.   Today, HP is releasing a set of new and enhanced software releases designed for the challenge of delivering amazing mobile applications.


These new capabilities leverage HP’s unique capabilities in big data analytics, application testing, application lifecycle management and IT operations management and address every phase of the mobile application lifecycle, from creation and pre-production to delivery and on-going use--or there and back again as coined in the movie, The Hobbit.

Like the dragon Smaug’s lair in the Hobbit, this set of releases is an embarrassment of riches for application teams looking to accelerate their mobile agenda.

Discover how TriZetto empowered responsiveness with Agile Manager

TriZetto Video.PNGWith 50 percent of the American insurance claims going through their software, healthcare IT solutions company TriZetto saw increasing market expectations to release and respond faster to meet customer needs. They saw the need for application teams to build in processes and capabilities to deliver new and faster software capabilities. 

Continue reading to find out how HP Agile Manager empowers TriZetto to meet these demands.


Guest post by Tye Davis, Sr Product Marketing Manager

Agility requires decisions be made using the right data—new JIRA adapter for ALM to the rescue

The best decisions in business begin with the best data.


And with the current speed of IT, the best data isn’t necessarily available—so teams are forced to work with data that is not the most reliable.




Thankfully, there is an easy way to collect this data with HP Applications Lifecycle Management. Keep reading to find out how the new JIRA adapter can help you

A closer look at Enterprise Integration for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 by HP ALM

4.pngHP Application Lifecycle Management offers the HP Enterprise Integration Adapter for SAP Solution Manager.


SAP Solution Manager 7.1 supports SAP systems. With the HP ALM Enterprise Integration Adapter, you can better integrate ALM and Solution Manager for SAP systems.


Keep reading to find out how to sync business entities between HP Application Lifecycle Management and SAP Solution Manager via HP Enterprise Integration.



(This post was written by Chengzhe Xu (Jason) from the HP ADM R&D Team)

50 Shades of Grey, a Black and Blue Dress, and your Development Methodology

50 shades of ALM.jpg

The Internet is all abuzz about colors and shades lately—have you noticed? All of this discussion got me thinking that the myriad of shades poses quite a major challenge when it comes to application lifecycle management.


Keep reading to find out what all of these shades of color have to do with your application lifecycle management.

5 ways to break App dev and test free from the Groundhog Day effect

billmurray1.pngWake up, hit the alarm and today is just like yesterday and the day before. For many development and testing teams, this is how the application delivery process feels.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can break the cycle... Keep reading to find out how you can wake up and have it truly be a new day with a fresh start—avoiding the "Groundhog Day" effect means committing to change and it can be done.. read on for some proven approaches on the path to change,

What’s the big buzz at HP Discover? The Application Lifecycle meets Big Data

Barcelona 11.PNGEverything about HP Discover Barcelona this year was BIG—big crowds, big stages, big venue, big cathedral (Sagrada Familia) and big data—which by the way, does change everything.


I now have a big amount of data crowding my brain from the event, and all of it is waiting to get out in this blog. I intend to have a bit of fun with all things Barcelona. I am also going to share my perspective on why I believe we are standing at the cusp of a big data revolution in the way we develop, test, deliver and manage modern applications.  


Read on, this is BIG…

See the future of mobile, cloud, agile and more at the Gartner Application Architecture Summit

Gartner summit.PNGOur world is shifting to a more digital world. We’ve said for a while that it is coming. Well according to Gartner, the digital age is here now!


Keep reading to find out how you can connect with our team at the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit in Las Vegas Dec. 8-10.

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