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HP voyages to Turkey with Service Virtualization and Apps 12

Istanbul HP Forum.jpgI have just returned from an exciting trip to Turkey. We recently held a customer forum in Istanbul, and the event was electric.


It was so exciting to see how IT has grown worldwide. Keep reading to learn how the world has shifted and how we have been there to support the changes.

Agile delivery and Specsavers Optical Group: collaboration, solution and software service

specsavers video.pngYour business has to keep pace with the current speed of software delivery. This is where Agile can help you increase the speed of your processes.


We recently sat down with Specsavers Optical Group Director of IT Applications and Quality, Jason Taylor, and Environmental Delivery Manager, Tim Collins to discuss how HP ALM and the Agile methodology have helped this organization keep pace. Keep reading to find out how Specsavers supply chain has been improved as a result.

The “HP Apps 12 World Tour” kicks off this week in Canada, come see Apps 12 live in action!

Apps 12 bus.jpgYou’ve seen the announcement, heard the news, now come and see what the buzz is about with HP Apps 12, live at one of the major stops on the HP Apps 12 “Quality matters now more than ever” world tour.  We will be at six key events around the world, from STARCanada and STAREast, to Gartner’s AADI event, to HP Discover and Velocity Santa Clara, all between now and end of June.    We will be speaking on trends, technology and best practices and demoing all the new capabilities of HP Apps 12 including Cloud Testing, Continuous Integration and testing, Service and Network Virtualization, and Agile ALM to name a few.

Don’t miss the bus!

The World Quality Report: A Google Hangout perspective

Google Hangouts.jpgThe 2013-2014 World Quality Report (5th edition) highlights the latest trends, information and practices compiled from over 1,500 respondents, which include various industry CIOs, VPs and testing professionals. Recently in a google hangout, I was joined by Marakand Teje, Senior Vice President of Capgemini and Guillaume Runser, the creative genius behind the new WQR benchmarking mobile application.


Come see what we had to say about the report and how you can get a deeper insight into the report.

Unleash the Potential of Your HP Application Lifecycle Management and HP Quality Center Application

HP ALM Professional Services.pngHP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and HP Quality Center (QC) Software Professional Services enable you to maximize your deployment and use of the HP ALM or HP QC application.  These solutions reduce operational costs, and improve efficiency and quality of your processes and applications.


Keep reading to learn how HP Software Professional Services helps maximize your investment in the new HP Application Lifecycle Management 12.

Top New Features of HP Application Lifecycle Management and Quality Center Enterprise

The new release of HP Application Lifecycle Management 12 and HP Quality Center Enterprise 12 provide users with increased speed and quality. As a result, users have an increased ability to build, test and deliver core applications.


Keep reading to learn how these software applications integrate together and about upgrades to the web-based client.

New HP Service Virtualization 3.50 delivers enhancements for faster app development and testing

screenshots.pngSVT tools make continuous application testing simpler and more effective by mimicking production-like test environments. Check out how the new updates available in HP Service Virtualization 3.50 offer protocol enhancements for SAP, new simulation capabilities and more.

HP Service Virtualization: Answering the Challenge of Performance Testing

Have you experienced the pain of an inefficient performance test? As a result, you will spend time scripting or focusing on performance issues with a component that is out of scope or unchangeable.


Keep reading to find out what the seven benefits of Service Virtualization for performance testing are and how they can help you.

ALM 12: Offering the agility of a sportster with the ride and dependability of “beamer”

ALM12.pngImagine you have a car that is agile enough take a hairpin turn at 120 miles an hour. This dream car has leather, fully digital instrument panel and corners without even spilling a drop of coffee. The best part is that the accelerator was only halfway to the floorboard.


Read on to find out how ALM 12 can give that same built-in flexibility without sacrificing any of the luxuries or powers that you come accustomed to.

Quality matters now more than ever

Today’s application organizations are demanding “Faster, faster!” But in a world of instant feedback and heightened expectations, application quality is the difference between customer acclaim and loyalty or irreversible brand damage.  Quality matters just as apps matter, now more than ever and HP, with a 60+ year legacy of quality and testing, is now delivering the next breakthrough in enabling quality for today’s style of IT with Apps 12. 


Keep reading to learn how our investment in quality and application delivery will enable achieving that elusive balance between unprecedented velocity (of app delivery) with uncompromised quality.

Announcing Apps 12! Now you can balance unprecedented velocity and uncompromised quality

sizzlevideopic.pngNow playing at an application project near you:  AppMatters with HP Apps 12, helps world-wide teams deliver applications that shift you into overdrive-- launching business innovation faster than ever before with remarkable quality.  Learn more about this watershed release below.

Unprecedented Velocity, Unsurpassed Quality—HP ALM

Imagine the possibilities.jpgI have seen the newest version of HP Application Lifecycle Management, and I promise that you will be excited to see how we have improved your favorite software.


Keep reading to find out what this latest version holds for you.

No app is an island – why integration is key in managing large scale projects

TomC.pngWithin IT, it is crucial that applications are connected and communicating.  If they are not connected, they quickly become siloed and inefficient.

With large projects this is especially true. Keep reading to find out how a single source of information can enable your organization to easily accomplish your goals.  

’Beyond ALM 11’ or ‘Brian: A Return to the Blogosphere’

palagyi in israel.jpgNew versions of products coming out, organizations looking beyond just quality assurance... everyone is growing up so fast <tear>. I admit I have been away, but it was for good reason. 


I have just returned from Israel learning about the secrets of the new version of Application Lifecycle Management. Keep reading to see what morsels I can tell you about today.

Tags: ALM| devops| HP ALM

A World of Opportunities for Testers with Specialist Expertise: World Quality Report highlights

Have you read it yet? The World Quality Report?wqr.jpg If not, this is your opportunity to find out what your peers are doing around the world.


The World Quality Report (2013-2014) is the industry’s largest market analysis resource on application enterprise, quality and testing practices. It addresses key findings in Quality Assurance and Testing.  This valuable report provides the industry’s largest comprehensive annual and global commentary of the latest findings in this evolving but often overlooked discipline.

Co-produced yearly between IT consultancies HP, Capgemini and Sogeti, the report has expanded its geographic and topic scope for 2013-14. Keep reading to find out how you can get a copy.

Want to learn how to go beyond Agile development? Transform agility across your entire enterprise

 Beyond Agile Development.pngIf you simply think of “Agile” as a software testing process, you should consider how your enterprise could react if it had the flexibility of “Agile.”


Join us for a webinar where we will discuss how your organization can make the shift to managing enterprise agility. Keep reading to find out how you can attend.

How to overcome 9 common obstacles to friction-free agile Dev/Test for composite applications

Overcome Wait time.pngToday’s application teams run a never-ending relay race to deliver high quality software to market as fast as possible. But the complexity of modern applications poses special challenges, especially to critical testing processes. Here is how one HP customer overcame their multiple barriers for seamless end-to-end application testing.


Guest post by Ferhan Kilical, senior product marketing manager

Live from Israel—Improving install and the customer experience

isreal1.jpgAfter an amazing week in training in Israel, I am sharing the insights I learned about  performance, customer experiences, reporting and quality.


 Keep reading to find out what I learned during my time in Israel and how security plays a role in the newest version of HP Application Lifecycle Management.

Live from Israel-ALM Best Practices: Change is good, but the familiar is even better

Israel Beach.pngHello everyone, I am at training to learn more about the newest release of HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Today we looked at the new functionality and how to introduce change but keep the learning curve to a minimum. We are wondering if that Is a reasonable reality. Keep reading to learn what we uncovered.    

Meeting of the ALM minds--Live from Israel

ALM Israel.jpgDoes your shareware offer the Flexibility, scalable and control that you find with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)? And will these options continue in the next version? 


I am live in Israel this week learning the secrets of the latest ALM release. Keep reading so I can slip you the secrets that I learn.

How end-to-end performance testing can achieve higher app velocity without sacrificing quality

Too often performance testing becomes a bottleneck when application development teams are tasked with accelerating deployments of mobile, cloud and other cross-platform software. But quality counts more than ever and performance testing must evolve to meet the criteria. Keep reading to find out how organizations can adapt performance testing to complex, fast-moving application lifecycles.ALM IDC WP.png

Prescription for your unhealthy software integration: 5 tips to improve your ALM experience

bbdoc3.jpgThe “Doc” is in once again. This time I have the prescription pad in my hand, and I am giving you the recommended dosage of medicine to alleviate your Software Development Lifecycle ailments.


Keep reading to find out what I suggest doing to improve the health of your software development environment.

Supercharge HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) in your environment

Faster ROI with AML Through Education.pngEducation is the power behind advancement. This is why it is so important that your users have a full understanding of what HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) can do for your organization.


Keep reading to learn about the benefits of the latest version of HP ALM and three ways you can equip your team to maximize them.

Agility, velocity, collaboration and quality—the keys of an agile enterprise

Next steps toward an Agile enterprise.pngWithout complete visibility into your applications, your enterprise may face roadblocks or pitfalls to development. There was a recent survey that showed for every dollar spent on agile projects (that management knew about), another five was spent on work that was unknown.  

Keep reading to find out the importance of visibility in an agile enterprise and how you can increase the view within your own organisation.

5 Symptoms of an unhealthy software SDLC process

Tbig maze.jpgoo many times we limit or restrict our user’s community on the tools that should help them do their job better and faster, because we are either attempting to insure data integrity, uniformity of training, consistency of information, and/or some sense of application security. When in reality the user only see’s user roles within the tool as restricted and/or counterproductive to getting their job done.

Comparing your team quality to that of the world at HP Discover

screen480x480.jpgWhat do you think clients and partners want in the way Software and Hardware in 2014? Here at HP Discover in Barcelona everyone is talking about buzz words like Private Cloud, Big Data, Mobility, integration and security. They have also been talking about two themes that are usually diametrically opposed which are “faster” and “less”.

Sprinter—How to follow your feelings and not the logic at HP Discover

sprinternewx.pngSome people might think that I would eventually get tired of talking about systematic versus exploratory testing.  I also don’t get tired about talking advantages of using sprinter as a bridge from manual testing to automation. Combining the techniques and processes to innovative tools is always a topic that I can elaborate on—as you will see in this article.

SDLC Automation Solution, (release management) Henry Ford style

xx.pngHow do project managers or business units see an application update or an upgrade initiative? Once the project is underway what are the typical types of communication and reporting that go on during a specific initiative?  Does the business really have visibility within the SDLC process and does the PMO office have the capability of real-time project reporting? 


Let me ask just one more question: Do you currently have automated project planning and tracking across the SDLC process? Keep reading to find out why this is so important. 

Need an on-ramp to Agile Application Delivery? Test Drive and “HP Discover”

Agile Delivery, Automated testing, Service Virtualization, Mobile quality..These are all terms you hear about every day in the business of application development and delivery.  But do you really know how to harness them within your organizations to enable you to deliver high quality applications faster?  


We recently recorded a session entitled "Enable enterprise agility by managing feedback loops" which will give you a closer look at agile delivery. You can watch it here.


Much like learning to drive, taking a test drive of the software that will support your teams to balance speed and quality and meet goals faster is a wise investment.  Join HP Software at HP Discover Barcelona as we provide you the opportunity to take a test drive on the road to agile application delivery.  


Here's the session specifics:  BB1662 - Master the Agile app lifecycle: A live demo of HP Software innovations for apps

Wednesday, Dec 11, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM



HP Discover (Barcelona) - what’s up Doc

barcelona_02_big.jpgHeading to HP Discover makes me feel like a five-year-old boy waiting in line to sit on Santa’s lap. I feel like a kid who has spent weeks memorizing everything he wanted for Christmas. So I decided to write an open letter/ wish list to Santa with all of the things that I want to see at HP Discover.  You are more than welcome to borrow anything off of my list, because I was taught to share.

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  • I have more than 12 years in IT, with over 10 years working with the HP Quality Management suite of tools—seven as a Professional Services consultant for Mercury/HP. Additionally, I am the Regional Practice Lead for the Quality Management Strategy and Solutions organization which helps drive inovation in the areas of Best Practices and constancy of delivery.
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