A Fast Application is a Fast Business. Seriously.

In my previous posts, I have made several references to how our customers tell me that application modernization projects are about end-to-end business processes.   The days of building "silo'd" applications serving a single line of business or function are going away. 


On my trip to the UK last week, a CIO of a large pharma company was talking about how budget has shifted to building end-to-end workflow applications for order placement.  The project is not going well, to (roughly) quote him,


"We are moving all processing to shared, server-side routines.  Business logic that used to be conducted in the client-layer is now moving to procedural code executed in virtualized application servers .  Lots of buzz words - but what we have learned is that performance validation is now a must-have part of the Application Lifecycle as these server-side routines are now a single-source of slow-down... and man, they do slow down."


He goes on to talk about how they got here...


"We didn't get this at first.  We did one set of client load-tests for each application at go-live, but our users kept complaining on how slow everything was.  In fact, at the end of a quarter, a very influential VP was demanding someone "get fired" due to the fact the business was grinding to a halt as our processes just wouldn't work."


and the solution....


"We had to stop load-testing from the client - and start testing the services individually.  Since they are shared between multiple applications - even if they passed the load test, the process still could be slow based on load from other applications.  Server side code changes everything."


Luck for this CIO, we have built service-oriented load testing into Performance Center, which is now built into HP Application Lifecycle Management.     I guess since modern applications are moving to facilitate end-to-end business process automation,  the phrase "A Fast App is a Fast Business" has never been more true. :smileytongue:

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