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Security AGAIN

I have had major problems with the SA1100 that I own. The system is unsafe and there is no way to set up security on the Box except to get an external firewall, per HP Tech support. Or to turn off the SSH and to block ports in the /etc/service file. ( by telnet to the box you void the warranty)
I have done that and still there???s been much activity.
By running commands ps -an, ps -ax and netstat ???an I find a huge amount of hacking and abuse. Does anybody have any suggestions to secure the Box. I???m taking it off line until I can figure it out. Anybody else having problems like this occurring? If so what???s the answer?

Good luck!
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Re: Security AGAIN

Bascially HP is right, either you have to purchase a firewall (external) or start turning off ports that should be un-used. Which will void the warranty. A good firewall router is only about $100 retail or go to Ubid or EBay and you can probably pick one up for @ $30-$50. If you are rolling you own by turning the port off as well as SSH you might be wise to purchase a book call HACKING LINUX EXPOSED @ $30 as well. There are also several WEB-Sites which support linux which will carry documentation on Hardening Linux Servers.

Before I purchased a ROUTER, I would (on other linux dist.) use netstat to find the external IP and I'd start by pinging the hacker... usually they stop after that.

Good Luck.
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Re: Security AGAIN

What are some good firewalls out there that could be used with the sa1100? I checked ebay last night, and there were just too many, from very very cheap, to very very expensive.
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