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SA1100 0109 error

My 1100 server died last week. The only thing that shows up on the lcd screen is 0109 error, which is a keyboard error. I personally think the CPU probably died, I'm having that checked the next couple of days. Can anyone tell me if the SA1100 mother board can take a large CPU? I'm having a hard time finding celerons 600 locally.
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Re: SA1100 0109 error

Normally a reboot or two after that error and the computer will fire up again.
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Re: SA1100 0109 error

Did you ever find out what the fastest processor was that will work in the SA1100?

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Re: SA1100 0109 error

I'm not sure you have a hardware problem, probably you only need to maintain you file system, go througt the console for logging and run the repair for the partitions under linux.
the error 109 is related to the keyboard, and that means that the system at least is booting
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Re: SA1100 0109 error

I'm getting the same 0109 error, and I know this is a functional machine. I've reboot a good dozen times with no success. What about resetting the CMOS? Or should I really just plug it in and load the default file system (does that even have anything to do with the network addresses?). I reboot accidentally when I was entering the network addresses, and then it started giving me the hang on the 0109 error.
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Re: SA1100 0109 error

I too am having the same error. has there been any solutions yet, I cant get it to boot up. it just hangs there..please help

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Re: SA1100 0109 error

Hi Chuck,

Welcome to Forums.

It's more likely that you'll get an answer if you could post your query in a new thread. To start a new thread, select the subject category where you want post your query:

Click on "start new thread" button on the page and post your query.

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Re: SA1100 0109 error

I'm having this same problem with the same model server. When I open up a com session I see sshd load fine httpd fails because of a fqdn error configured by the previous owner.

I am wanting to restore the server to the original config but I'm not sure how...I see in the docs online that I should be able to get to a lilboot> prompt and type emergency. I do not have the old root password so I don't know if that will help me even if I could get it to boot that far. If anyone could please tell me how to get this server to a working state I would appreciate it. I'm not interested in saving any data.
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