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HP 4250 Printer Appliance

I recently got a 4250 appliance and am having some issues in joining it to my domain.

On the microsoft network settings screen, I input the information, and I get one of 2 errors, depending on how I have the setup...

My domain is company.com so if I have company.com in the windows domain or workgroup section, get a 'cannot find domain controller.' I then try to manually specific the primary and secondary domain controllers, but I get the same error.

If I try to have the domain as just company as opposed to company.com I get an error that says not account for device on the domain controller. (what I am trying to do is create an account for the device on the domain controller!) Very frustrating.

I try to use my username as username also as domain\username but neither changes results.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Re: HP 4250 Printer Appliance

Did you ever get an answer on this issue? I am having the exact problem with the appliance I just purchased.

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Re: HP 4250 Printer Appliance

I had the same issue earlier this week. I was replacing a damaged unit. So the new one was using the same Static IP and DNS name. When I removed the old one and installed the new one I received the same error. We had to remove the Machine from Active Directory before I could add the new one to the domain.
I hope that helps....
I'm still having issue with utilization rates getting stuck at 96% to 100% for no reason. No items in queue, only 14 print queues setup. I have another PSA setup exactly like it and it runs at 15%. We've updated firmware, manually set it to 100 full, replaced it with a new unit. Could a faulty printer cause this issue on the PSA?
I'm about to pull my hair out!
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Re: HP 4250 Printer Appliance

I also have encountered this same issue. I have the model 4250 and am unable to join it to an Active Directory 2003 domain. Whether I create an account "pre 2000" or not, it still won't join. I get the message that there is no account for the appliance. I've fussed with WINS, case sensitivity, OU placement, etc. Nothing.....really frustrating.
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Re: HP 4250 Printer Appliance

We are having the same issue - replaced broken device with new, cannot join it to domain. Have messed with DNS/WINS settings, domain names, have removed the previous one from AD and DNS, etc. Anyone get resolution to this?
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